“The Walking Dead” Season 2 (So Far)

the walking dead season 2

the walking dead season 2

I am a huge fan of “The Walking Dead”, both in the comic books and the TV show, but lately I’ve been agreeing with the masses in that nothing is happening. Comic books aside, this post focuses only on the TV show and the story at hand. Just a warning, there will be spoilers from here on out, so if you haven’t watched season 2 I would suggest stopping now. At the beginning of the season we found ourselves making it to Hershel’s farm where we meet some of this family members and other survivors that he’s been taking care of since the dead started walking. We were brought to the farm after a hunting accident left Carl with a bullet lodged in his stomach. Hershel is a veterinarian so he takes a stab at fixing up Carl, but not without some speed bumps along the way.

Carl requires surgery to remove the bullet fragments from his side, but in order to perform the surgery, Hershel needs to put him on a respirator, which he doesn’t have. Shane and Otis, the man who shot Carl, are sent out to the local high school, which was converted into a medical station, to find a respirator and bring it back. Upon reaching the high school they find it overrun with zombies and while Shane makes it back alive with the respirator, Otis does not… mainly due to Shane shooting him in the leg in order to save himself. That sounds like it would make for a pretty cool episode in season 2 right? Yes and no. Yes in the fact that it was a pretty cool story line and it gave us a lot of zombies in one episode, but no in the fact that it was only 1 episode within the season.

Other than that episode nothing has really happened! Sure, we’ve made it to Hershel’s farm and the group has gotten a little taste of the life they missed, but Sophia is still missing and week after week a search party is sent out to find her to no avail. I mean this week we really only saw two zombies in action as they attacked Daryl as he lay unconscious after falling down a hill. Sure he found Sophia’s doll, but they are still looking for her. We did finally get to see that Hershel has been keeping zombies locked up in his barn as he holds out for a cure, but even that was just the very end of the episode. Hopefully from here on out things start to pick up and we finally resolve the Sophia story arc because it’s really starting to get old. Sophia got lost in the very first episode of this season and we’re now in episode 5 and we still haven’t found her…

Maybe I’m just being a bit picky and hoped that season two would bring more action and more of the comic book to the screen. Maybe it’s because I’ve read the books and know where the story is supposed to go, that I’m anxious for them to get there, but I really think things are just moving too slow. These are some of the complaints people had with the first season as well, and I defended the show in those cases, but I don’t know how much longer I can defend it.

I really do like the show for the most part, but something needs to happen. [HUGE SPOILERS FROM THE BOOKS COMING UP]. There are a lot of things that have happened already in the books that I feel need to happen in the show in order for it to stay interesting and the biggest of those things is Shane dying. I know they’ve said that the show is not going to follow the books exactly, but Shane is one of the most annoying characters on the show and he needs to go. The show seems to be setting him up to leave and not get shot like he does in the books, and that’s fine with me, he just needs to go. I actually like Daryl, a character that was not in the books, more than I like the inclusion of Shane at this point. And I know that the show is more about the characters and how living people interact and adapt to the situation more than it is about the zombies themselves, but the books never seemed this slow. I know they are different mediums for telling the story and things don’t always translate the same, but I just feel like there’s so much material out there already they could be doing more with. I hope the 2nd half of this season picks things up a bit and I really hope that the 3rd season gets into the prison/governor story line, because if it doesn’t I think they are going to start losing some viewers.

What do you guys think? Am I being too hard on the show too early in the season? Do you guys like the pacing of the 2nd season so far? Am I just trying to rush things because I know what happens in the books? Please give me some incite on this I really want to know if I’m the only one that feels this way.