The Walking Dead: Say The Word (11-11-12) Recap

the walking dead say the word recap 11-11-12

After the devastation that hit our group of survivors last week, this week was pretty tame. Both sides of the storyline took a few crazy turns, literally, which should give some incite into what is going to happen in the coming episodes. With that being said, let’s start with what’s going on in Woodbury with Michonne, Andrea and The Governor.

The episode opens on The Governor brushing a little girls hair, presumably his daughter, but something’s not right. After a few brush strokes a huge chunk of hair and scalp comes off of the little girls head, at which point we realize that Penny, his daughter, has turned into a walker/biter/zombie, yet he doesn’t have the heart to put her down. He keeps her locked up and restrained with a straight jacket and a bag over hear head; I’m not sure if anyone else knows about her, but Michonne may have caught a glimpse of him through the window, although I have to imagine she was just looking up that way and didn’t actually see anything. Either way, Michonne doesn’t want to stick around to see what Woodbury is all about.

Feeling uneasy about the whole situation in the town, Michonne breaks into The Governors apartment to get her sword back. She almost discovers Penny locked up in the bedroom, but is interrupted before she can get the door open. There’s a party happening on the streets and The Governor and Merle need to get some beer to bring down before the real festivities start that night. Michonne escapes out a back window to find herself in what appears to be an arena of sorts; walkers are caged up in a small crate to the side. Now that she has her sword back, she decides to take out the walkers herself. She busts the lock on the cage and beautifully and methodically takes out each of the walkers. I’m so glad we finally get to see her take out a few more walkers, the sword is such an elegant weapon. Of course this wasn’t going to go without being noticed, the walkers were tied up for a reason. Michonne is caught red handed and brought back to The Governors apartment where she vents her frustration and want to leave. After a minute of threats from The Governor she’s had enough. When the opportunity presents itself, she flips around, grabs her sword and puts it to his throat. It’s time to go.

Andrea finds Michonne packing up their things and getting ready to leave, but she’s not quite ready to go. She’s found a place with stability (or so she thinks), protection, food, and more… a seemingly good place to settle down for a little while; not to mention her fondness for The Governor. Michonne wants out and isn’t going to let Andrea hold her back. She comes up with a plan to escape, to which Andrea replies “We’re not prisoners here”, meaning they can just leave if they want, but Michonne knows better. Upon arriving at the front gate, Merle happily obliges and opens the doors, allowing them to leave, but Andrea stays behind. There is no way that The Governor is just going to let Michonne wander out of the gates, never to be seen from again. She’s a threat to him, just like the soldiers he killed, so you know that he’s going to keep a tail on her.

Which leads us to the night’s festivities. Andrea has no idea what she’s in for, but everyone in the town is gathered in the “arena” that Michonne had discovered earlier. The lights come up and there are walkers/biters chained to posts, creating a circle in which Merle and another man stand. The crowd cheers them on as Merle and the other guy fist fight while the biters linger just out of reach, but definitely hungry; Andrea is appalled. The Governor claims that the whole thing is rigged and that the teeth have been removed from the biters prior to the match, but the fights show the people of the town that they shouldn’t be afraid. The whole thing makes Andrea very uneasy.

That’s about all that happens in Woodbury, so lets jump over to our friends at the prison. Lori and T-Dog are dead, Carol is apparently presumed dead, even though nobody found her body, and Rick has lost it. Losing Lori is just too much for him to handle and he goes on a walker-killing rampage through the prison until he happens upon the spot where Lori gave birth, only there is no body… At first I thought that maybe Carl didn’t put a bullet in her, but I believe Rick picked up that bullet near all the blood on the ground. Plus, as Rick follows a bloody trail down the hall, he finds a very fat walker who has essentially eaten Lori’s entire body. So knowing that a walker wouldn’t eat another walker, Carl definitely put a bullet in Lori and this walker took care of the rest. When Rick finds this walker, he puts his gun in its mouth and pulls the trigger, then proceeds to cut open its stomach, presumably to find whatever’s left of Lori… maybe a wedding ring or something to remember her by; we never find out.

And then the phone rings…

If you’ve read the books then you know who’s on the other line so I don’t want to give anything away, but I like how they moved the phone part up in the story to fit the way things are happening on the show. Outcomes have been very similar between the book and the show, but the way we’ve gotten to those outcomes has been slightly different. I did think it was a nice touch that when Daryl and Maggie went out to look for formula for the baby, nothing bad happened to them and they were able to find formula. The baby is kind of a ray of sunshine in a world where the sun doesn’t shine very often. It was nice in contrast to everything that happened to Rick.

Coming off of last weeks episode, this week was exactly what we needed. It advanced the Woodbury storyline while giving us a bit of incite into what Rick is feeling and how the group is reacting to the baby being born. I’m glad we were finally introduce to Penny and the arena, as those are two major things in this story arc from the books. I really don’t think Michonne is going to get too far after leaving Woodbury and I have a feeling some bad things might be headed Andrea’s way. There’s only one thing that I wish they would get to and that’s who was watching Carol at the end of a previous episode, while she was practicing the C-section on a walker… I guess we’ll find out soon enough.