The Walking Dead: “Prey” Recap (03-17-13)

the walking dead prey recap

When I heard that this weeks episode of The Walking Dead was going to be an Andrea centric episode, I almost cried. There is nothing more I hate about this show right now than Andrea.  I can even deal with all the slower paced, story moving episodes, as long as they don’t have anything to do with Andrea. However, it’s because of my hatred towards the character, that this week was very satisfying.

Before we get into the Andrea stuff let’s talk for a minute about Tyreese and company. Tyreese, his girlfriend and those 2 other clowns, have pledged their allegiance to The Governor and Woodbury. They will do whatever it takes to appease them and allow them to stay in the town; although I’m not sure they knew what they were getting themselves in to. On orders from The Governor, Martinez takes the group out to the walker pit in order to gather some of them up for their raid on the prison. Once Tyreese finds out that they plan to use the “biters” against Rick and his group, he starts to have a change of heart, or at least it appears so. He doesn’t want any part of feeding people to the biters. Later in the episode we see someone wearing dark gloves pouring gasoline all over the walkers in the pit as well as in the cattle carrier they were going to use to transport them. Fire soon engulfs all of them. The Governor comes back to town after having gone after Andrea, which I’ll get to in a minute, but he immediately questions Tyreese’s loyalty as he assumes Tyresse is the one that lit the walkers on fire. Tyreese tells The Governor how he feels about the walker tactic, to which The Governor responds that it’s all a bluff. People are more scared of the walkers than they are of other people, so they use the walkers as intimidation… which we all know is untrue. It’s enough to appease Tyreese, who still claims they will do whatever it takes to stay in Woodbury. The Governor, however, still thinks that Tyreese is the one that lit the walkers on fire, but I’m pretty sure it was Milton.

Milton has found his way over to The Governor’s bad side after telling Andrea about the plan to give up Michonne in exchange for a truce, however there will be no truce and The Governor will kill everyone. It’s that notion that causes Andrea to leave Woodbury and make her way towards the prison, but she doesn’t get very far before The Governor is hot on her trail. The Governor follows Andrea to an abandon warehouse/factory of some sort where the two play a game of cat and mouse for a while until Andrea finds herself trapped. Behind her stands a door, which has quite a few walkers on the other side, and in front of her stands The Governor. With nowhere else to go, she opens the door, quickly goes inside and behind it so that the walkers are forced out towards The Governor. Andrea then runs up the stairs and escapes the warehouse as the walkers barrel down on The Governor. We’re lead to think that the walkers have killed him, but we’re not stupid, of course they haven’t.

Andrea finally escapes and makes her way towards the prison without fear of The Governor following her. But of course, she’s an idiot and The Governor is alive, and following her… Just as she’s about to be within sight of Rick, who is stationed atop a guard tower, The Governor tackles her to the ground. Rick never sees her. He takes her back to Woodbury, but whenever anyone asks if he found her, he lies and tells them no… Obviously he has bigger plans for her that he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

We finish the episode with the camera walking through a random door and back through a couple rooms where we find Andrea handcuffed to a chair in the torture room that The Governor has been setting up for Michonne. Actually, at the beginning of the episode, when we first see The Governor setting up the room, it is exactly like the room where Michonne is held in the comic books. The restraints coming off of the wall that he holds onto as he gets onto his knees are exactly the same as how Michonne was held. I thought that was a nice little throwback to the books. I also like the fact that it’s Andrea chained up now and not Michonne. I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out, but I know I’m not the only one who dislikes Andrea, so maybe they realized it was time for her to go, and what better way to go then being tortured as Michonne was tortured in the comics.

I have a feeling these last couple episodes this season are going to be incredible, I can’t wait for next sunday.