The Walking Dead: Live Bait Recap (11/18/13)

the walking dead live bait

This weeks episode of “The Walking Dead” focused solely on The Governor. It picks up right where we last saw him, he had just murdered almost the entire crew that came with him to storm the castle, leaving only 2-3 of them alive. After setting up camp for the night, he awakes to find that the guys that he spared no longer want anything to do with him, and had left, leaving him to fend for himself.

As The Governor wanders aimlessly towards who knows where, he catches a glimpse of a survivor in an apartment window. He makes his way through the building to find that a family, 2 sisters, their dad and a little girl, have been hold up making due with the supplies they found in a box truck. The Governor is offered the apartment across the hall and settles in for the night.

This whole storyline is pulled right from the first Walking Dead novel called “The Rise of the Governor”, although things happen slightly different in the book than they did last night. In the book, all of this takes place before The Governor actually becomes “The Governor”, before he finds Woodbury and before he goes crazy. Obviously in the show, this is all happening afterwards. There are also other characters involved in the book, and it’s not just him at this point. But differences aside, I liked the fact that they used that book as reference material for the show instead of just using the comics. The comics don’t show The Governor’s side of the story after he storms the prison; we’re just left to wonder.

I thought this episode was a bit on the slow side, but it definitely ended with a bang. After their father dies, and is subsequently bludgeoned by The Governor (after he turns), the girls venture out with him as they try to find somewhere better to live. As they are walking down the street they run into a herd of zombies and are forced to drop their bags and make a run for it. As The Governor is holding on to the little girl he falls into a giant hole with 3-4 walkers inside. It’s the same hole’s that they were using to capture the zombies for Woodbury.

After The Governor kills the zombies with his bare hands, Martinez, one of the guys The Governor didn’t kill, appears above the pit surprised by who he’s captured…. and fade to black.

I like that we’re getting to see what’s been up with The Governor while all this time has past at the prison. I’m betting we’ll get 1-2 more episodes of just The Governor storyline and then the fall finale is going to have him returning to the prison as we saw at the end of last weeks episode.