The Walking Dead: Killer Within (11-4-12) Recap

the walking dead killer within recap

Hold on a second while I pick my jaw up off the floor, and pardon my language, but Holy Shit! If you haven’t seen the episode yet then don’t bother reading this recap any further as I’m going to ruin everything that happened this week as there’s really no way around it. Seriously, if you’re still reading, just stop now, don’t skim further and go watch the episode, then come back. Ok, good, now that we’re passed all the spoiler warning stuff I can finally get into this weeks episode of The Walking Dead: Killer Within. I’m going to do a quick rundown of everything that happened and then we’ll go back and discuss my thoughts. Here we go.

Andrew, the prisoner that Rick shut out in the yard full of zombies to die, apparently found a way to survive and made it his goal to seek revenge on Rick and the group. His master plan was to cut the chains on the back gate and then turn on the backup generators, causing the alarms to go off and attract even more walkers. The plan worked, kind of, and tons of walkers flooded the prison as Rick and the group were deciding what to do about Oscar and Axel, the two inmates they left in a different cell block. Before they could send them off into the world on their own, the walkers appeared and caused panic in the group. Maggie, Carl and Lori ended up separated from the group while Carol and T-Dog ended up elsewhere. Hershel and his daughter ended up fairly safe locking themselves at the top of a staircase, and Rick and Daryl end up taking Oscar with them as they search out the generator room. As for Glenn, now that I think about it, I’m not sure where he ended up…

Each group runs into their own problems, but only one of them is really walker releated. Carol and T-Dog end up pretty cornered as they make their way through the back hallways, which leads to T-Dog getting bit on the shoulder. Knowing that he can’t just hack off his arm at the shoulder, he makes it his purpose in life to see to it that Carol makes it to safety. He goes so far as to push a couple walkers into the wall and hold them there so Carol can escape, he’s not as lucky though as the walkers tear him to bits. RIP T-Dog. The other two situations aren’t really caused by walkers at all, but are far more important to the story… Lori goes into labor.

While running through the dimly lit corridors of the prison, Lori starts to have contractions and knows that the baby is coming. She, Maggie and Carl duck into the boiler room as the pain becomes more intense. With no other option, she tells Maggie that she has to give her a c-section right then and there. They all know there is no way she will survive without the proper equipment and knowledge, but there’s no choice, it’s either the baby lives or they both die. It takes everything Maggie has in her to slice open Lori’s belly and remove the baby… all while Carl watches. The baby survives, but sadly Lori does not. RIP Lori. Carl then takes it upon himself to put a bullet in her head so that she doesn’t turn into a zombie down the road.

And the last scenario in the prison, before we get to Woodbury, is between Daryl, Rick and Oscar. While they are in the generator room trying to shut off the alarms, Andrew bursts through the back door and attacks Rick. Daryl is helpless as he’s holding the front door to keep the walkers out, so Oscar tries to help out. He throws a barrel and Andrew, knocking him down, but not before he is able to knock the gun out of Rick’s hand. Oscar picks up the gun as Rick and Andrew both slowly stand up… with the gun pointed at Rick, Oscar makes a decision that will probably earn him and Axel a spot in the group… he chooses to shoot Andrew and give the gun back to Rick. Once the altercation is over with, they shut the power off, thus killing the alarms and make their way back to the yard to assess the dammage.

Maggie and Carl appear holding the baby and everyone knows that Lori didn’t survive which leads Rick to lose it, despite the fact that their relationship was basically over. Most of the action took place during the prison scenes this week, but we also got to see some of Woodbury, Andrea, Michonne and The Governor.

Back in Woodbury, Michonne and Andrea are getting ready to leave. Michonne senses something wrong with The Governor and the town itself, which comes to a head when she inspects the military trucks they brought back after going to look for the helicopter pilots group. The bullet holes and blood in the truck itself doesn’t sit right with her and she’s ready to take her chances out on the open road. Andrea, however, has a slight change of heart after she shares a drink with The Governor and he tells her his real name, Philip. She wants to stay a couple more days. She also does something extremely stupid if you ask me, but considering that Rick and the others kind of left her on the farm I don’t blame her, she tells Merle exactly where Hershel’s farm is so he can try to find his brother Daryl. I know it’s a bit of a stretch that Merle will be able to find the prison, but we all know the two groups are going to come together at some point, but could this be how?

Aside from that, nothing else really happened in Woodbury this week. The only other significant thing I caught was that The Governor mentioned that his wife had died in a car accident months before the zombies took over, but he did mention that it was just him and his daughter now… yet we haven’t seen any sign of his daughter yet. Those of you that have read the books have met the daughter so I don’t want to spoil anything yet, but I’m definitely glad they didn’t leave her out of the show.

Now that I’ve kind of explained the entire episode in more detail than I had intended to, here are my thoughts on everything. While it was sad that Lori died, I’m glad she did. The tension between Rick and her kind of came to a pinnacle at the end of last week when she tried to get him to talk about their relationship and he basically confirmed that there was no relationship anymore. Her death showed that deep down Rick obviously still loved her despite all that had happened, which was heartbreaking, but I think it’s going to allow Rick to become a stronger leader in the end. As for the way she died, I was happy with the deviation from the books. In the books she gives birth without any complications and is later shot, along with the baby. I won’t give away who shot her, but I really do think that her death in the show makes a lot more sense. It would have been nearly impossible for her to survive a c-section even if Hershel or Carol were doing it, there’s just too much that can go wrong without proper medical training and equipment. To me, this was way more realistic than the books.

In terms of T-Dog, we didn’t see a whole lot of him anyways, so his loss is not that hard to swallow for me. I’m actually surprised he stuck around this long. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but in the end he’ll be remembered for saving Carol’s life (assuming she’s still alive) and the group will never forget that.

It’s obvious that Oscar and Axel are going to join up with Rick and company; they could use the numbers now that T-Dog and Lori are dead, plus I think Oscar proved his loyalty by killing Andrew and giving Rick the gun. This is definitely going to help them with the conflicts that will arise in the future.

Overall I thought the episode was one of the best episodes of the show, so far. It was exciting and heart wrenching all at the same time. The suspense was intense and the pain you felt for Rick was real. “The Walking Dead” is hands down the best show on TV right now and it’s still the only show I watch in real-time when it airs on Sunday nights.

We’d love to hear your opinions on the episode and where you think things are headed.