The Walking Dead: Isolation Recap (10-27-13)

the walking dead isolation recap

The flu has started to spread within the prison, and more and more people are becoming sick. Forget the zombie apocalypse happening outside, the real threat is now very apparent. And with no medicine to help curb the symptoms, it seems like the only outcome is death… and then reanimation.

The Walking Dead: Isolation

I thought the episode moved the flu story along pretty well, but I didn’t think that much actually happened. We saw that pretty much everyone in the infected cell block is now sick, and some of the people that went in to help with the initial zombie outbreak are also becoming sick… Glenn being one of them.

the walking dead isolation recap

In an effort to keep others from getting sick, the elderly and the young have been quarantined off in a separate wing of the prison while Daryl, Bob, Michonne and Tyreese head out to a veterinary clinic to look for antibiotics. But before they sped off in their fancy car, Tyreese and Rick had a little skirmish over the fact that nobody seems to be interested in finding out who killed Karen and David by brutally burning them. Tyreese end up getting the worst of it as Rick pummels his face into a swollen mess, but Rick’s hand didn’t look so great. Open woulds are a great way to get an infection…

So at the prison we have the old and young quarantined, while the sick are all locked in another cell block. The rest of the able bodies are doing what they can to keep things going. Beth is looking after lil’ ass-kicker, while Maggie is helping dig graves and not much else this episode. Carol takes it upon herself to try and clear the muddy water hose outside the gates for their drinking water, only to be caught off guard and saved by Rick.

In another stupid move to try and keep things moving, Herschel and Carl go out into the woods to gather berries that Herschel thinks may be able to help with the fever that people have. His wife used to make tea out of them and apparently it’s a natural fever cure… we’ll see how well that works. I think the only way they are going to be able to fight this thing is if Daryl’s group comes back with some medicine, and fast. But after being ambushed on the road, and surrounded by a herd of walkers, I’m not sure how quickly they’ll be getting back considering the clinic was 50 miles away. We also get to see the badass-ness of Tyreese come to life as he bashes the hell out of a ton of walkers that surround him as he gets out of the car. This is very similar to a scene in the comic books where Tyreese is left outside in the basketball courts of the prison only to be swarmed by walkers and left for dead; only he survives.

the walking dead isolation recap

Now it may seem like a lot happened based on my write-up here, but I don’t feel like that much actually did… but the end took me by surprise. Rick starts to investigate the murders of David and Karen a little bit more and discovers a small bloody handprint; a woman’s hand. We know that Carol would do anything for the good of the group, and has even been looking in on the sick, but would she go so far as to murder and burn the bodies of 2 sick people in order to prevent the spread of the disease… hell fucking yes she would!

There is no way Rick can tell Tyreese what he discovered after finding out that it was Carol, but he’s gotta tell him something or he’s just going to keep up his rampage. I think the best course of action would be to have Doctor S die in the cell, but have Rick tell Tyreese that his last words were to tell Tyreese he was sorry, and that he’s the one that killed Karen and David to try and prevent the spread. This would appease Tyreese and Carol would be off the hook. But I’m not a writer on the show, so we’ll have to see what happens. Either way though, it looks like Bob is in the clear for this one, but there’s still something I don’t like about him.

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