The Walking Dead: Infected Recap (10-20-13)

the walking dead zombie patrick infected recap

There’s a new threat to our gang of merry zombie-killers. Something more vicious than anything they’ve encountered so far, including The Governor. What could possibly kill more innocent people than The Governor you ask? How about the flu?

As always, there will be spoilers in this post. Don’t read if you haven’t watched the episode.

The Walking Dead: Infected

We first noticed a disease spreading in the camp last week when Rick noticed that the pig had gotten sick and died. We saw it again at the end of the episode when Patrick goes into the shower and collapses. And since last week’s episode ended on that note, we knew something was going to happen this week.

Patrick came back as a walker and ran a muck on one of the cell blocks, taking out quite a few people before he, and the newly revived walkers, could be taken out. And even though the immediate threat of the walkers was handled, the flu virus could still be present in those that were exposed to the people in that cell block where Patrick was. A quarantine was issued so that nobody else would get sick, which meant that Glenn and Maggie have to stay away from each other for the time being. Hopefully the virus dies out or they find some medicine to help with it, otherwise there are going to be a lot more bodies piling up before you know it. The flu virus is very fast moving and killed Patrick in less than 24 hours from when he started feeling sick, so this could be a bigger threat than any of them have encountered yet.

the walking dead infected recap

The flu storyline was the main plot point of this week’s episode, but there are other strange things happening at the prison. Someone is feeding the walkers outside the fence at night, causing them to put a lot more pressure on the outer gates than usual. The group can’t seem to kill enough of them before more show up and continue to press on the fences. My thoughts here are that, Larry Gillard (From The Wire), is actually an inside man working for The Governor. I think he’s the one out there feeding the zombies rats and stuff while everyone is sleeping. There was just something weird about him last week when we first met him that didn’t sit right with me.

So in the end we have the flu virus ravaging the group from the inside, and the immediate threat of walkers breaking through the fence on the outside. Things aren’t looking too good right now. Rick isn’t sure if the pigs got them sick or if they got the pigs sick, so just as a precaution the pigs are destroyed by using them to lure the walkers away from the outer fences.

The episode ends on another very strange note, which leads me to believe someone is plotting wit either The Governor, or someone else on the outside. Tyreese has taken interest in one of the new members of the group, Karen, but she was in the infected ward and quarantined. He goes to check on her and finds a trail of blood leading out of her cell and out one of the back doors. Upon opening the door Tyreese finds two burned bodies, Karen and David, both of whom had been coughing and possibly sick. There’s no indication of who did this to them at the moment, but Tyreese is obviously broken up about it.

I’m not sure what’s going on within the walls of the prison, but I think in the next few episodes we’re going to find out someone is a traitor and/or someone is acting on their own when it comes to making decisions, and right now I’m pointing my finger at Bob.