While people are still sick and dying at the prison, Rick decides that he can’t wait any longer for Daryl and his group to get back with medicine, so he decides to take Carol and head out to the nearest town to see if they can find anything useful. Meanwhile, Daryl and company have managed to get away from the herd of walkers that nearly killed them on the road.

The Walking Dead Indifference Recap

Things at the prison are leveling off a bit. Whatever magical berries that Herschel dug up in the woods seemed to have helped curb the symptoms of the flu, and people don’t seem as sick as they were before. Although, we didn’t really see into the quarantine ward that much this episode, so that might be a bad assumption to make.

the walking dead indifference recap

Rick and Carol head off to a neighboring town about 8 miles away, in search of medicine and whatever food they can find. Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob have been gone a little too long for his liking, so he had to act. Upon arriving in the town they find a car that seems like it was recently driven there. And sure enough, after investigating one of the houses in the neighborhood, they find a guy and a girl hiding out in one of the upstairs bedrooms. After a brief inquisition, Carol and Rick open up about where they’ve been staying, and invite the two to come back with them. But before they do that, they need to search the rest of the houses. Rick and Carol go together, but the guy and girl seemingly split up. Rick later finds that the girl was eaten by zombies and the guy is nowhere to be found.

After waiting as long as they could, it was time to back up the car and head back to the prison… or so Carol thought. Since it came out last week that Carol murdered David and Karen, to keep the sickness from spreading, Rick hasn’t been able to look at her the same, or trust her. There’s no way, if they were the only survivors left, that he could ever let Carol be around Carl and Edith ever again. It’s because of this that Rick tells her that she has to fend for herself. They pack up a second car with food and supplies and Carol drives off in the other direction.

the walking dead indifference

This was probably the most important part of the whole episode. Another one of our original group has been kicked out, and might as well be dead, although I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of Carol. I have a feeling that when The Governor comes back to the prison and starts killing people, Carol is going to show up with a new group of survivors and help take him down. Don’t worry, none of that happens in the comic books, so it’s not like I’m spoiling anything; just my thoughts. Rick is absolutely right though, if Tyreese found out that Carol is the one that killed Karen, he would have killed her himself. At least this way Rick doesn’t have to worry about that… I guess.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob find the veterinary hospital and all of the supplies they need, including a few extras for Bob. After confessing to Daryl that the reason they almost died in the department store in the 1st episode was because of him wanting a bottle of liquor, we find that Bob almost gets himself killed again… for a bottle of liquor. He found a bottle of booze in the hospital and refused to let go of the bag when the zombies were grabbing at it. Daryl gets all up in his face and I seriously thought he was just going to throw him down to the walkers below. Bob is bad news, something really bad is going to happen because of him. I’m still convinced he’s the one feeding the walkers the rats along the fence.

the walking dead indifference

So there you have it. Carol is gone, Bob’s still on thin ice and medicine is on it’s way. Hopefully they can get back to the prison in time to save Glenn; can’t have Glenn dying!

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