The Walking Dead: “I Ain’t a Judas” Recap (02-24-13)

the walking dead i aint a judas recap

I read a lot of complaints about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, but this is exactly what I was expecting after last weeks raid on the prison. Things are starting to come apart and everyone has their own idea of how they should retaliate. Rick seems to have leveled off a bit and stopped seeing ghost-Lori everywhere, but he still seems a bit unhinged, especially when Andrea shows up at the prison.

Even though there wasn’t as much action as last week, you can tell that things are building up towards an all out war. The Governor has started gathering up anyone old enough, and capable enough, of carrying a gun, as he knows he’ll need numbers if he wants to take the prison. Andrea doesn’t really like what she’s seeing the town become, but she definitely has a soft spot for Phillip, which we see towards the end of the episode. She likes the comfort and protection that Woodbury and The Governor have given her, and Rick’s warm welcome at the prison probably didn’t do them any favors. The Governor finally takes the gauze off of his wounded eye and replaces it with the iconic eye patch that we know so well from the comic books, so that was cool, but Rick and company definitely have a fight coming to their door as The Governor has convinced most of the townspeople that the people in the prison are the bad ones.

Meanwhile back at the prison it appears as though Merle has gained the groups trust pretty quickly. Maybe it was the firefight outside the prison a couple days before, or maybe it’s the information about The Governor, but it really seems like Merle is one of the group all of a sudden… much to the dismay of Glenn. There’s a lot of arguing about whether the group should stay and defend the prison, or just leave and cut their loses. The group seems semi-split on the issue, but ultimately you know they are going to stay and fight.

Not a whole lot really happens at the prison until Andrea shows up with a walker in tow akin to Michonne’s walker friends. Andrea and Milton start making their way towards the prison unbeknownst to The Governor, or so Andrea thinks, but they need something to protect them as they wander through the woods and the prison yard so Andrea takes a page from Michonne’s book and hacks the arms off of a walker. But that’s not the best part… Taking a page out of “American History X”, Andrea figures the easiest way to remove the biting aspect of the walkers is to place his teeth on a rock and curb stomp the back of his head. I wouldn’t watch that scene when Edward Norton did it in the aforementioned flick, and I still couldn’t watch it being done to a zombie; brutal. It’s at this point that Tyreese and company happen upon Andrea and Milton as they are finishing up their work. Tyreese asks them if they have a camp and if they can join. Milton agrees to take them back to Woodbury without even batting an eye, which seemed strange, as Andrea continues on her “walk”. Once back at Woodbury, they tell Phillip about the crazy guy they met at the prison and how he showed up and kicked them all out. Tyreese tells The Governor they will do whatever it takes to earn the trust of Woodbury as they just want a place to stay.

Andrea makes it to the prison and doesn’t really get the welcome she was expecting as Rick forces her to the ground and searches her. The dynamic between Andrea and the rest of the group has changed a lot since she’s been gone, especially since she’s trying to convince Rick to sit down and talk it out with The Governor. We all know that’s not going to happen, but at least Andrea is trying to resolve things peacefully. I don’t know if Andrea just didn’t put two and two together when she walked up on the prison and noticed the ice cream truck and what not, but she’s pretty naive if she thinks this is all going to end with a handshake. Carol actually gives her the idea to sleep with Phillip and while he’s asleep… kill him. Which she obviously can’t do, as evident by the end of the episode.

So while there wasn’t a lot of action this week, things are definitely start to heat up. We got to see Tyreese and company again, and while I really hope they don’t end up on The Governor’s side, it’s difficult to tell what’s going to happen. Tyreese is a main character in the comic books for a while, so I really hope they don’t turn him to the dark side so easily. As for Andrea and The Governor, I feel like The Governor was awake while she was standing there with the knife and he’s going to eventually turn on her, or use her against Rick and the group. I don’t know what kind of leverage that’s going to give him after the way Rick acted towards Andrea, but we’ll see. Either way, I wouldn’t be upset if Andrea died in the end. Only 5 more episodes left in the season, I think we’re going to see things start to ramp up here towards the end.