The Walking Dead: Hounded 11-18-12 Recap

the walking dead hounded recap 11-18-12

This weeks episode of The Walking Dead was just here to move the story along a little bit. There were a few interesting things that happened, but in the overall scheme of the season, this episode did what we knew was bound to happen… it brought together the two different groups we’ve been following. I’m going to keep this recap shorter than the previous ones, only because everything was pretty straight forward. So lets get to it.

Last week ended with Rick getting a phone call. We didn’t know who it was at the time because there was no answer when Rick said hello. We found out pretty quickly that it’s a woman who claims to be part of another group who’ve just been dialing random numbers in hopes of connecting to someone. After a series of these phone calls, all from different people, the final voice turns out to be a familiar one… Lori. The other voices on the phone were of all the people that have died within the group in the past; Rick is hallucinating the whole thing. I think once he realized that he was starting to lose it, he knew he had to turn things around and pull it together for the sake of the group. I’ll get into it a bit more in a second, but Maggie and Glenn also decide to make a run to see if they can find formula.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Oscar and Carl are clearing out the remaining cell blocks just to make sure they are safe after the break in. The 3 of them are startled by a walker as they are investigating one of the cells, which leads Daryl to discover Carol’s knife embedded in its neck. Cut to a frustrated Daryl a little later, sitting alone in a dark hallway stabbing the ground with the knife in front of a cell door that is slowly banging against the body of a dead walker. They had passed this door earlier on, but chalked it up to weak walkers trying to get out of the cell, but amongst his frustration Daryl just needs something to kill. He flings open the cell door expecting to find walkers, but instead finds Carol, weak and barely alive. It was nice to see Daryl almost smile for a change, it’s obvious that he really cares for Carol.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea and The Governor decide that they are going to bang now that Michonne is gone and the two share a mutual love for zombie fights. Yup, that’s right, despite how Andrea acted last week after witnessing the zombie fights, she now admits that she actually liked them.

Elsewhere, Merle and 3 other guys are tracking Michonne after she left the town last week, but after a few minutes they wished they never were. Michonne cuts down 2 of them pretty easily, but is interrupted by a couple of walkers before she can take out Merle and Neil. She slices a walker across the stomach as it’s attacking her, only to be covered in intestines and blood. She manage to escape before Merle and Neil notice, but Merle is able to put a bullet in her leg as she runs off.

Assuming she’s as good as dead, Merle wants to head back to Woodbury and let The Governor know, but Neil wants to continue… so Merle shoots him in the head. Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie breaking into a local grocery store to get formula, only to be stalked by Michonne. Obviously Michonne doesn’t know them, but she needs help and they are the only people around. She’s staying out of sight behind a parked car when Maggie and Glenn come out of the store to be greeted by Merle. Obviously Merle knows Glenn and sets his gun down, despite the fact that Glenn and Maggie both have their guns pointed at him. After a few minutes of Merle trying to get the location of the camp out of Glenn, he pulls a gun and fires at them. Glenn gets out of the way, but Merle is able to grab Maggie and put a gun to her head. With no other choice, Glenn, Maggie and Merle get in the car, but they aren’t headed to the prison, they are headed to Woodbury.

Having seen everything that happened, and hearing Glenn and Maggie talk about the prison, and it’s general location relative to where they are, she grabs the basket of formula and seeks them out. Rick notices her from the gate and walks up to the fence. Michonne, still covered in blood and guts from the walkers, is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the walkers along the fence as she presents her peace offering of formula to Rick…. and this is where we end.

Solid episode for sure, but definitely a story-mover. I’m glad the two groups are finally coming together and shit’s about to get crazy. There’s no way that Rick can’t let Michonne into the group, especially since they need formula for the baby, and she obviously knows where Merle has taken Glenn and Maggie. I’m really curious to see what’s going to happen with Andrea and The Governor; what she’s going to choose once the two groups come together. I do have a prediction, not based on the books because Andrea is actually still currently alive in the books, but I have a feeling she might get caught in the middle and possibly not make it through the season. There’s also arguments against it, but since the story isn’t following the books 100%, it’s definitely a possibility. I’m not sure she would choose Rick and his group over The Governor at this point.

Anyone else have any predictions on what’s going to happen? Did you like this weeks episode? Let us know in the comments.