The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Recap (11/24/13)

the walking dead dead weight recap

Ah, welcome back old friend… The Governor we love to hate is still alive and well. Although I knew better from reading the books, a few friends expressed concern that The Governor might not be as bad as he once was now that Woodbury is no more. Thankfully this weeks episode put an end to those crazy thoughts as The Governor’s true colors came out once more.

The Walking Dead: Dead Weight

The episode starts right where we left off last week with The Governor in the zombie pit with Martinez standing over him. Martinez ends up pulling him out and bringing them all back to their camp. Things seem to be going pretty well as Martinez appears to trust The Governor, allowing him to carry a weapon, go on hunting trips with them, and even giving them their own trailer. But maybe he shouldn’t have been so trusting.

After a nice “family” meal in front of their trailer, Martinez gets pretty drunk and tells The Governor he’s got one more surprise for him… golfing. Just like they used to do back at Woodbury, Martinez has a little patch of turf on top of a trailer that they hit golf balls off of. As Martinez is hitting a few balls and chugging alcohol, The Governor sees it as a perfect time to stone cold murder him. He hits him over the head with a golf club before dragging him into one of the zombie pits they used to trap them. Martinez is ripped to shreds and later found by Mitch and Pete, who just assume he got drunk and fell in.

the walking dead dead weight recap

The next day Pete informs everyone at the camp of the incident and appoints himself the new leader of the camp. Most of the camp isn’t too happy with the decision, but ultimately come to be ok with it after they state that it’s only for a few days until they can figure out some sort of voting system. In the meantime, Mitch, Pete and The Governor head out on a supply run. While on the supply run they come across another camp of survivors, but despite Mitch’s thoughts on ambushing them and stealing their supplies, Pete doesn’t want any bloodshed and doesn’t want to rob them, so they continue on their way. The Governor immediately sees this is a sign of weakness. And it wouldn’t have mattered anyways because on their way back through, they pass the camp again only to find all of the members murdered and robbed by another group. Pete is not cut out to be the leader; he doesn’t have what it takes to survive.

The next day The Governor goes over to see Pete and subsequently stabs him in the back and kills him. He then heads over to Mitch’s camper to inform him of what happened. Mitch is not too happy that The Governor killed his brother, but he knew he didn’t want to die so he went along with it. So with The Governor now in control it’s time to convince the people of the camp that they are not safe there and they need to find a better place to set up camp.. like a prison.

Later in the day Tara is on guard duty when Meghan comes up and tags her and runs off. Tara starts chasing her, but Meghan is too fast. We see Meghan running through the campers as she comes upon a clothesline with sheets hanging from it. As she moves the sheet away she’s greeted by a walker who got inside the camp somehow. As she’s trying to escape, The Governor comes up and shoots it in the head thus reinforcing his statement on how they need to be somewhere safer. It’s at this point that he brings up the idea of looking for a new place to stay, even if it means forcing someone else out. Basically he’s rallying the troops so that he can take down the prison, which we see at the very end of the episode as he drives up and watches Rick and Carl from the tree line.

the walking dead dead weight recap

I really like how they are showing what The Governor has been up to since the demise of Woodbury. I’ll admit last week’s episode was a bit slower, but this week was pretty solid and it’s only going to get better going into the mid-season finale next week. Shit is about to hit the fan and people are going to die. I’m also pretty confident that The Governor let that walker into their camp so that it would attack someone and reinforce his statements that they need to find some where safer, thus getting more people backing him to raid the prison. So we’ll see what happens next week and how closely they mirror the books. Obviously Lori can’t die like she did in the raid since she’s already dead, but who knows who else might not survive.