The Walking Dead: “Clear” Recap (03-03-13)

the walking dead clear recap

Coming off last week’s slower-paced episode, “Clear” ramps things up a bit as we’re reunited with an old friend as Rick, Carl and Michonne scavenge for anything they can find to defend themselves against the impending onslaught of The Governor. Their search takes them back to Rick and Carl’s hometown which they soon discover has been fortified by an unknown party. A maze of sharp sticks, cars and caged-rats line the main street of the town which is a clear indication that someone has been taking refuge in the buildings… Little did they know, that person is still there.

About half way through the maze, a figure appears on the rooftops above them holding a long range rifle, shouting for them to stop, leave their weapons and leave; obviously that isn’t happening. Knowing they need that rifle and whatever ammo he has, Rick lays down some cover fire as he tells Carl to go back to the car while him and Michonne take the guy out. Michonne makes her way up the to the rooftop only to discover the guy has made his way down to street level and is now firing at Rick. Just as he appears to have Rick pinned down behind a barrel with nowhere to go, Carl appears and shoots him in the chest. The body armor that he was wearing meant that he was still alive, but nothing could have prepared Rick for what he saw when he removed the mans mask… it was Morgan!

If for some reason you don’t remember who Morgan is, he was the man that saved Rick’s life in episode 1 and kind of brought him up to speed on everything that was happening in the world since Rick was in a coma. Morgan and his son Duane had taken up refuge in their house while Morgan’s wife wasn’t so lucky; she was seen roaming the streets as a walker. Rick stays with Morgan and Duane for a little while as he recovers a bit more, but ultimately sets out to find his family. He gives Morgan a gun and tries to explain to him that he needs to put his wife out of her misery, but Morgan can’t pull the trigger. This would ultimately lead to Duane’s death in the future, which is one of the reasons why Morgan starts to lose his mind, but we’ll get into that in a minute. Rick gives Morgan a walkie talkie and tells him that every morning at dawn, he’ll turn it on and if he wants to meet back up with them all he has to do is respond.

That’s kind of where we left Morgan back in season 1, but now he’s been holed up above the buildings on the main street of town, hoarding all the weapons and ammo he could find. He’s pretty much lost his mind since Duane turned into a walker, which ironically enough, happened because Morgan couldn’t kill his wife back in season 1. Duane was bitten by her as Morgan investigated a cellar for supplies and hasn’t been right since.

Have I mentioned yet, that Morgan has gone crazy? When he wakes up from being knocked out by the gunshot (which was weird to me), he attacks Rick and stabs him in the shoulder. It takes him quite a bit of time to realize exactly who Rick is; honestly he doesn’t figure it out until Rick holds up the walkie talkie and explains that he’s the one that gave it to him.

Meanwhile, Carl and Michonne have set out on a quest to obtain a crib for Lil Ass Kicker… or at least that’s what they told Rick. Carl had other plans and tried to sneak away from Michonne, but there’s no way he’s going to be able to get the drop on her, she’s too smart. The pair end up at the King County Cafe, which has been overrun with walkers. They send in some caged-rat-topped skateboards which distracts the walkers long enough for them to get in and get what they came for… that is until the rat gets out of the cage and the walkers start chasing it… right towards Michonne and Carl. The two manage to get out of the cafe without being bitten, but Carl drops the photo that they came for. Being the naive kid that he is, Carl wants to go back in to retrieve it, but Michonne convinces him it’s a bad idea. Instead, she goes in the back like a boss and brings the photo out to Carl…. Yes, all of this for a f—n photo. Although, I do realize that Carl had good intentions, seeing as how it was a photo of Rick, Lori and Carl that had been hanging above the bar in the cafe. He just wanted to make sure Judith aka Lil Ass Kicker grew up knowing what her mother looked like.

In the end Morgan feels it’s his job to stay in town and clear any walkers that get stuck in his traps. He gives Rick a bunch of guns and ammo and sends them on their way. As they are driving back towards the prison they notice a huge blood trail and the backpack of the survivor they had passed on the street on their way to town. They stop, grab the pack and continue on…

I was definitely wondering where they were going to get more guns and ammo to defend themselves against The Governor and this episode filled that gap. For some reason though I thought Rick’s hometown was a lot further away from where they were at the prison, just based on all the walking and traveling they have done throughout the previous season. Maybe they were just going in a circle this whole time, who knows. I was glad to see Morgan make an appearance again, but I was hoping he would have left the town and gone with the group. They are going to need all the help they can get, and having people they trust along side of them would be a huge benefit. Although Morgan pretty much figured out that Rick needed the weapons to defend the prison against people who wanted to take it, and he wanted nothing to do with it; it wasn’t his fight.

We didn’t see any of what was happening in Woodbury, which was actually totally fine with me, I could use a break from Andrea for a week. It also appears as if Michonne is starting to gain some trust with the group, or at least with Carl, which I think will translate over to Rick trusting her a bit more. She’s definitely a person you want on your side as she could be extremely valuable. My only concern is that if The Governor comes rolling in with guns blazing, her sword isn’t going to do much damage. I do hope that Morgan shows up at the prison in the next couple episodes with even more guns at his side, but we’ll see. In the comics he definitely comes back with Rick and joins the group, so I have this feeling we haven’t seen the last of him.

Only 4 more episodes left, and next week looks like it’s going to be a good one. Everything is going to start ramping up from here on out I feel…