The Walking Dead: “Arrow on the Doorpost” Recap (03-10-13)

the walking dead arrow on the doorpost recap

Rick and The Governor finally meet face to face… and don’t get anything accomplished. After Andrea sets up a meeting on neutral ground, Rick and The Governor finally have the sit down meeting neither of them have wanted. But before we get into that whole thing, I just want to say that I love it when they do openings that have absolutely no dialogue. Last night, Rick, Daryl and Hershel arrive at the meeting place early to scope it out, Hershel stays in the car with his leg-guns while Rick and Daryl check out the perimeter to make sure they are walking into a trap. The entire time they are walking around, nobody says a word to each other. It’s only when Rick is surprised to find that The Governor is already there that any words are spoken. The tension and the atmosphere that those dialogue-less scenes create are just awesome and I wish every cold open was like that.

Anyways, so The Governor is already at the meeting place without Andrea’s knowledge as Andrea, Milton and one of The Governor’s men, Martinez, roll up in a truck a few minutes later and are greeted by Daryl and Hershel. The Governor has already made it a point to tape a gun to the table frame so that when he takes off his own weapon, as a show of good faith, he is still not left unprotected as Rick doesn’t bother to remove his weapon. Rick and The Governor really don’t accomplish anything in their time together. Rick proposes a dividing line where Woodbury would get one side and Rick and The Prison would get the other half, but The Governor isn’t having any of it. The Governor claims he only wants one thing… Michonne. And had this been before last week, Rick may have given her to him, but at this point Rick is starting to realize what an asset she is and how she’s earned her way into the group, so he doesn’t immediately give her up, but that’s not to say that he’s not considering it.

So really nothing got accomplished at the meeting except we did get a great line out of Rick when he said “You’re the town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped up my yard, nothing more.” Basically AMC’s way of having Rick tell The Governor to go fuck himself. I thought it was a great line. I would say that more was accomplished outside of the meeting than inside. Daryl and Martinez seem to relate to one another a little bit and almost seem to have a moment where they don’t want any of this shit to go down. Same goes for Hershel and Milton, there was a little joke there about seeing Hershel’s leg and buying him a drink first, but we all know the reason Hershel didn’t want to show him is because he had guns taped to it. It was just a few little things there that kind of makes you realize that it really is Rick vs. The Governor and these other people are kind of caught in the middle.

Back at the prison Merle comes up with a plan to ambush the meeting and kill The Governor while they have the chance, but Glenn and Maggie stop him when he tries to leave. Glenn doesn’t really do much but wrestle around with him, but Maggie put him in a pretty sweet choke hold, which ends up leading to Glenn and Maggie reconciling and banging while they are supposed to be on watch. I really thought something was going to happen at the prison while they were banging, but no, they just got to bang in peace.

And then finally, at the end of the episode, we find out that The Governor has no intention of letting the group hand over Michonne and go on their way, he intends to kill everyone and save Michonne for last. Rick on the other hand is still debating whether or not to give up Michonne in exchange for the others’ safety, but after talking to Hershel I think he’s changed his mind.

I thought it was a solid episode. Obviously not an action-packed week, but I think we needed to see this meeting and realize that this wasn’t going to end with a glass of whiskey and a handshake. The only way this problem is going to get resolved is when Rick or The Governor are dead, there’s no other way. There’s only a few episodes of this season left so I think the action is going to start here shortly, but at least we got to see a couple sweet zombie kills by Martinez and Daryl.