“The River” Series Premiere Tonight!

the river magus marbeley

The TV show that we’ve been waiting for, for the past couple months is finally here. “The River” starts tonight on ABC with a 2-hour series premiere. I will continue to post the synopsis’ every Tuesday morning (when there’s an episode), but unlike other shows we follow here, I will not be posting the recap. Instead, you can follow all of our coverage of “The River” over at our site dedicated specifically to the show. http://www.theriverofmystery.com and you can also join the discussion on our River Forum.

In the first hour, “Magus,” Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) , beloved adventurer and television personality goes missing deep in the Amazon. After a fruitless search for him, his family and friends abandon hope and hold a memorial service to commemorate his amazing life. His grieving wife, Tess (Leslie Hope), reluctantly tries to face the reality that her husband is gone, while her son, Lincoln (Joe Anderson), is more than ready to bury his past. Six months later Emmet’s location beacon mysteriously begins to relay a signal. Tess persuades Lincoln to join her and Emmet’s film crew on a journey through the Amazon to find him, a journey on which horrifying and almost mythical events will push them to their limits.

In the second hour, “Marbeley,” when the spirit of Dr. Emmet Cole mysteriously enters Jahel, the message is clear… go home! Instead, Tess determines to go into the jungle to find clues to Cole’s whereabouts. While on their mission, they discover a tree draped in children’s dolls that they suspect is there to ward off the “spirit of the abandoned girl” who drowned in the river. Then, when a member of the crew goes missing, the group realize they’ll have to endure a nightmare in order to appease an angry spirit and get their loved one back.