The Office Series Finale Impressions

the office series finale review

I finally got a chance to watch the series finale of “The Office” this weekend and it was everything I wanted and more. I liked it so much I actually watched it twice. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since the beginning, but almost gave up on it after Steve Carrell left. It still had it’s moments in the post-Michael Scott era, but for the most part the show had just run it’s course. There’s only so many pranks Jim can pull on Dwight, so many times Stanley can complain about being lazy and hating his job, so many times Kevin can act like such an idiot it’s a wonder he ever had a job to begin with, so many times we can see Angela doing something ridiculous to a cat, etc…. it was just time to end it.

If you haven’t seen the finale yet there will probably be some spoilers ahead, just giving you a fair warning. So the finale jumps to a year after the previous episode in which we saw Dwight and Angela get engaged as well as Jim prove his love to Pam. So naturally the finale would focus on Angela’s wedding and a reunion of the “cast” of The Office documentary as they come together to be on a Q&A panel hosted by PBS. A few people have left the Dunder Mifflin since the last episode; Stanley retired to Florida, Andy had already quit his job and is now the laughing stock of the internet because his audition for American Acapella Idol (or whatever) went viral, Kevin was fired for being an idiot, Toby was fired because he’s Toby, Daryl moved to Austin with Athlead (Athleap), and apparently Nellie left for some reason as well and now lives in Poland…. Either way, everyone comes back to town for the Q&A panel, which happened to fall on the same weekend as Dwight and Angela’s wedding, but not by coincidence. Jim knew that not everyone would fly in for the wedding so he made it a point to manipulate PBS into having the panel that same weekend because he knew the network would fly everyone in for it. Gutenprank #1.

Jim plans out a serious of Gutenpranks for Dwight, since Dwight gave him the honor of being his Best Man. Gutenprank #2 was the chance to fire a bazooka at some barrels while Gutenprank #3 was getting Dwight and Kevin to make amends so that Kevin would be at the wedding. Gutenprank #4 was convincing Dwight that he couldn’t be his best man because traditionally the best man has to be older than the groom, and who better to be the best man than Michael Scott. Yup, Steve Carrell came back to be Dwight’s best man, and it couldn’t have been more fitting. I actually teared up a bit when the camera panned around to see Michael standing in the doorway. Come to think of it, I actually teared up quite a bit throughout the episode.

The wedding was the main focus of the finale, we even got to see Ryan and Kelly come back together. It was like one big happy/sad reunion with everyone we’ve come to love over the years. The only person I don’t think I saw on the episode was Pam’s ex, Roy, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t allowed anywhere near Dunder Mifflin. After the wedding, we find out that Pam has been secretly trying to sell their house so that they can move to Austin and Jim can work for Athleap instead of Dunder Mifflin. When Jim and Pam arrive at their house a little earlier than expected, the realtor is still there showing it to an eager couple. So eager in fact that they offer to buy the house right then and there. Upon telling Dwight the news, he immediately fires both of them, but not to be a dick, instead it’s so that he can give them both severance packages on their way out. So despite all of the pranks and annoyances between the two of them for the past 9 years, it’s obvious that they have truly become close.

The whole episode wrapped up with a touching song from Creed as he is caught living in the bathroom/storage closet in the office. He’s been on the run after the cops found out that he was someone else with quite a few outstanding warrants in his past. Everything came together quite nicely in the end and I’m very happy with the way things were resolved. A lot of times I’m disappointed in how shows wrap up their series finales, or just the fact that the shows themselves are over, but not this one. The Office ended exactly how it should have, with a lot of laughs and a lot of tears, people moving on, and people getting along. It was perfect. And as for the show itself, it had run it’s course and it was time to end.

What did you guys think of the finale?