The League – Training Camp – S04E01 (10/11/12)

the league training camp s04e01

the league training camp s04e01

The League is back!!! The day my wife and I have been waiting for since season 3 ended last year. By far our favorite comedy on TV, followed by The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. After 3 seasons, The League continues to be consistently creative and funny week after week… I wish I could say the same about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, which also starts tonight. Don’t worry though, I still love both shows and will continue to watch and write about them, but this post is dedicated to Ruxin, Kevin, Jenny, Pete, Taco, Andre and the lovable Rafi. Welcome to The League.

Training Camp

The League prepares for the draft and the arrival of Kevin and Jenny’s baby boy. Taco’s business dealings with Jerry Jones get the guys invited to the Dallas Cowboys’ Training Camp.

It’s draft day and we open with Ruxin day dreaming about actually drafting real-life players like RG3, while he’s having sex with Sophia. RG3 seems pretty excited to be drafted by Ruxin, but I can’t say the same about Trent Richardson and being drafted by Andre. Kevin is all excited about winning the Shiva bowl the previous year, but due to the collusion and the cheating of the draft order, the rest of the guys start calling him Kevin MacAsterisk. However, Kevin has worked out a deal with Ruxin where Ruxin is now the commissioner of the league in exchange for Kevin’s championship standing.

Meanwhile, Taco has started a new division of Taco Corp that will send a cowboy to sing bad news to your friends… It’s a terrible idea, but when Taco swoops in on when the football team lets it lapse, Jerry Jones makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Jerry flies all of the guys out to Cowboys training camp to hang out while Taco and Jerry talk business to get the domain name back. Taco ends up getting $250,000 for the domain and now we have no reason to question how Taco has enough money to do the things he does, and live in an actual apartment. This is the first time we’ve actually seen him do anything that seriously makes him money.

In lieu of the guys going to training camp, a very pregnant Jenny stays home as she’s due to have a baby boy any day now. Her water would later break during a pretty intense female-jerk session in the car as she fantasizes about making out with Shiva as well as a handful of NFL players… The best part of this scene, aside from Jenny making out with Shiva, a very hot Shiva, is Kevin lurking in the background of her fantasy with his goofy, wide-eyed, lost puppy, look on his face. It’s almost as good as his excuse for not wanting to have sex with his very pregnant wife; he’s afraid of the baby being too close to his dick. I guess he doesn’t want to poke the baby’s eye out or something. He even tried watching pregnancy porn to get him in the mood and it just turned him off even more. But I digress. Just as she’s about to climax during the female-jerk session, Jenny is awaken by Kevin and the guys knocking on her car window, just as she Shiva-blasts and her water breaks, all at the same time. So with Jenny giving labor at the hospital, the guys have no choice but to have the draft right there in the delivery room. Seeing as how Taco won the race across the dallas cowboys training camp practice field to secure first pick in the draft, he’s up first and he drafts… a trade, to Ruxin, in exchange for naming rights to Kevin and Jenny’s baby, which Kevin gave to Ruxin as part of his non-asterisk/commissioner deal. Ruxin makes his pick as the baby is born, at which point Taco brings in his singing cowboy to inform Kevin and Jenny that their new child’s name is Chalupa Batman MacArthur.

I missed The League so much, and this premiere did not disappoint at all. Definitely better than the “Always Sunny” premiere, but I will still be following both shows all season. I’m actually rewatching The League as I’m writing this and it’s just so good. Do yourself a favor and get on board with this show right now if you haven’t.