The League: The Vapora Sport (11-29-12)

the league the vapora sport

Racist pianos, masturbating delivery men, calf tittys, vapora sport and the newest member of the KKK, Ellie. Solid episode of The League this week, but I still think this season has been lacking a bit compared to previous seasons. Maybe the other seasons set the bar too high and while sub-par in terms of “The League”, this season is still better than most comedies on TV.

Kevin and Jenny have a piano delivered to the house so that Ellie can learn how to play. Their thought process behind this is that Ellie won’t have sex until she’s 30 if she’s a pianist. Kevin is against the idea because he thinks they should put her in ballet instead, but Jenny sets him straight by telling him that everyone wants to bang ballet chicks, just look at Black Swan, even ballet chicks want to bang ballet chicks.

Taco comes over to the house with his parents dog, whom he’s now conditioned to bark at the smell of sex. I know that’s kind of random, but it’ll make sense in a second. When the delivery guy is just about finished with the piano, Jenny walks into the room wearing nothing but her robe. The delivery guy takes a long hard look at her and retreats to the bathroom. Upon returning, Taco’s dog goes crazy and starts barking at him leading them to realize that the guy just went and jerked off in their bathroom. Kevin is quite disgusted with the notion, but Jenny is actually kind of flattered. Oh, and the piano is racist and only plays the song “Pick a Bale of Cotton”. When Kevin and Jenny find Ellie, in a white robe with the hood up, playing that song on the piano, they immediately call to return it.

Meanwhile, Pete is trying to buy some athletic shoes because he’s somehow convinced that he’s an athlete. He picks out a pair of Vapora Sport shoes, but is forced to turn them over to a guy in wheelchair that has no use for his legs. Instead, he has to settle for the Vapora Casual shoes, which have no tread on them what so ever. This leads to an unfortunate accident as he tries to help a cute girl push her car to a mechanic and falls and splits open his chin. While he’s getting his chin stitched up by Andre, for free, he sees the wheelchair guy being rolled into another room. It turns out wheelchair guy wants to get some leg titties aka calf implants. So while he’s laying on his stomach, Pete sneaks in and steals his shoes. He obviously can’t feel his legs so it was pretty easy.

While all of this is going on, Ruxin employs the help of Taco to figure out if a fellow attorney at his firm is sleeping with the boss to get all the good jobs, with all the good perks. They bring the sex-detecting dog to Ruxin’s office to see if it detects an odor of sex in the air surrounding this woman, but all the dog ends up doing is mounting the seeing eye dog of the blind client that Ruxin is assigned to. Things get a little ridiculous when Taco and Ruxin quietly try to get the dog out of the room. Ruxin ends up pretending to be the client’s dog as he’s down on all fours walking around the room on the end of the leash.

The episode was pretty funny, but I still think the previous seasons have been better overall. I’m sure we’ll watch these over and over again into exhaustion, but I just haven’t been too impressed. They need to bring back PK Ruxin!