The League: The Tailgate (11-15-12) Recap

the league the tailgate 11-15-12 recap

This weeks episode of “The League” was actually written by two of the show’s stars, Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer, who play Ruxin and Andre. Both are pretty successful comedians with careers that extend beyond the reaches of “The League”, but neither have garnered Adam Sandler type fame. It’s actually a little odd to see someone else writing an episode of this show as usually it’s the creators, Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, who write. The only episode I can remember seeing a different writer on was the episode with PK Ruxin (Pain-killer Ruxin), which was also written by Nick Kroll. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about these guys writing, but you can definitely tell the difference when it’s not the Schaffers. The episodes just have a different feel to them, almost as if they don’t really fit in. It’s obviously still the same characters we know and love, but some of the situations that they get themselves into and some of the things they do, just don’t really seem to fit in with how they’ve acted in the past. It could just be me, but this weeks episode had a much different feel to it than any other episode we’ve seen so far.

Andre rents a ridiculously large RV so that the group can tailgate the Bears game, which was clearly not filmed in Chicago. Ruxin wants no part of it due to the fact that he would much rather watch the game from the comfort of his own couch, with a bathroom within reach for his “tinker stinker”, aka his morning shit. Andre has though of everything though, bathroom on the RV, skybox at the game with private bathroom, and of course TVs in both places so they don’t miss any of the other games. He’s Ruxin-proofed the tailgate. What he didn’t plan on though was Frank “The Body” Gibiatti showing up and ruining their day.

If you guys follow Ken Marino, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, or any of those guys from the cast, then you may remember this episode as the one they were filming when Nick Kroll and Ken Marino supposedly got into a fist fight which left Kroll with a busted nose… all of which was a sham. “The Body” shows up in his outlandish RV and parts it right next to the guys, this is only a problem because Andre has a restraining order against “The Seed” (Ken Marino’s character). This kind of forces Andre to move 50 feet away from him, even though the restraining order is against “The Seed”, leaving Andre standing with some other group’s tailgate.

There’s a lot of sexual tension between “The Body” and his friends, lots of giant dick pulling and lassoing, lots of hugging, lots of semen and petting. It’s clear that they are just a little too close. The only reason the group is still talking to them is, well for one they are right on top of them, and 2, Jenny is getting a little too friendly with them because they have real food, not this tofu garbage that Andre bought. Kevin actually plans ahead and brings his own burgers to cook, but with very little propane, the burgers turn out basically rare which stops most people from eating them… but not Kevin.

Eventually everything boils over between the two groups, whether it’s hitting on Jenny or not letting Ruxin use their bathroom, since Taco broke the one in their RV with his mayo-shits. To settle things the two groups decide to play “touch” football. If “The Body” and his team win, they get the skybox seats to the game; if Kevin and company win, Ruxin gets his tinker stinker time in their RV. Not a very fair trade, but I think it was mostly about pride at this point.

The game goes pretty much as you would expect it, except for the fact that the raw burger doesn’t sit well with Kevin. On the last play of the game, they need one touchdown to win. The pass is made to Kevin, who hobbles down the field like an ape. When he’s within sight of the goal line, “The Seed” barrels towards him, but Kevin has a secret weapon…. puke. The burger comes up all over “The Seed” thus disgusting him enough to allow Kevin to sneak into the end zone for the win.

kevin pukes on ken marino the league burgers

Like I said, the episode was decent, but different. I thought the parts where Ruxin and Pete were commentating on Kevin’s behaviors as if he were a silverback gorilla were outstanding. Taco’s bit with Jim McMahon just didn’t add much to the story. I thought for sure that McMahon was going to come in and play QB for them during the last play of the game, but that never happened. Instead, him and Taco just discussed selling ridiculous “unofficial” t-shirts to people. Kind of a waste of Jim McMahon if you ask me. I thought some of the dick jokes were kind of funny, but they got old really quickly. And Ken Marino’s character just kind of annoyed me, but I guess that’s what he was meant to do.

I think we have a break next week for Thanksgiving, so we’ll be back in a couple weeks for the next recap. Hopefully the next episode is a little better than this one.

frank the body getting close