The League: The Sukkah (10/13/11)

the league the sukkah

Will Andre find out that the guys hired Dirty Randy and Rafi to shoot a prono in his loft? Will anyone’s team be any good since they were all on auto draft? Maybe we’ll find out this week, but more importantly what will Andre choose to wear this week… If you’re not watching The League you’re missing out

The Sukkah

Draft day proves to be a bust for everyone, but no one trusts anyone else enough to make a trade. Meanwhile, Jenny goes back to work in real estate; and Ruxin tries to get baby Geoffrey into a Jewish preschool.

And The League continues to out shine It’s Always Sunny in terms of comedy. This weeks episode has Ruxin trying to impress a Jewish school that he wants his kid to get into, but when they through a Sukkah at Kevin and Jenny’s house, Taco ruins everything. Between the swastikas, porn, weed, jew forts and giants, this was another classic episode. I almost feel like I can’t write about it because you just have to watch this show, seriously, watch this show. Even if you don’t like Football or Fantasy Football, you’ll still enjoy the characters and the comedy.

So if you’re kind of bored with It’s Always Sunny these days and are looking for another good comedy to watch on FX, I highly suggest going back and watching the first 2 seasons of The League and then catching up on season 3.