The League: The Out of Towner (12/1/11)

the league the out of towner

the league the out of towner

We’re finally going to meet one of the out of town guys, and it’s Will Forte, and he’s sober, but that doesn’t stop the guys from trying to get him to drink. It looks like we’re going to get a healthy dose of alcohol and marijuana in this episode, and it should be amazing. Be back tomorrow with a recap.

The Out of Towner

Chuck (Will Forte), a league player from out of town, visits and is not at all like what the guys remember him to be. Meanwhile, Kevin and Jenny get in over their heads with a drug dealer; and Taco goes on a radical diet.

Corndogs for everyone! This is probably my favorite episode of the entire series, Ruxin absolutely killed everything about this episode and it left me wanting even more of PK Ruxin. For those that aren’t sure what PK Ruxin is, it’s Pain Killer Ruxin, and he’s amazing.

The episode revolved mainly about an “out of towner” coming into town and hanging out with the guys, but while the guys thought they were going to revert back to the amazing times they had in college, it tuns out that Chuck, played by Will Forte, is now sober. The guys can’t wrap their head around the fact that he no longer drinks and at one point stage a reverse-intervention in order to get him to drink again. Pete is especially bummed out because he had planned on having Chuck as his wingman as he swooped in to pick up chicks that Chuck would leave disgusted after showing them his “bubble gum”, also known as his nut sack. But while this may sound like an extremely funny bit in itself, which it was, it was nothing compared the Ruxin’s storyline… but let’s talk Jenny and Kevin first.

Bored out of their minds one night, well Jenny was bored Kevin was enjoying the angels cupping his balls that were his sweatpants more than his wife’s touch, they decided they were gonna get some weed and get high. I like how it took them more than 1/2 a second to realize that Taco could sell them weed. So Taco hooks them up with his drug guy, but Kevin misreads the menu and orders $500 worth of cocaine instead of weed, DVD vs VHS. So with an angry drug dealer in the house Kevin reluctantly gives him $500 and they keep the coke. I think the funniest part of this segment was when Jenny and Kevin were trying to decide if they should put out some food before getting high and Jenny suggest lasagna to which Kevin replies “who are we, Garfield?”. But either way, the cocaine leads to a bigger issue later in the episode.

Meanwhile, back at Taco’s apartment, Ruxin and Andre are there to pick up some mixed fruit which Taco has been bottling in his apartment and Andre wants to use for his Mixology Mixer at his loft. While they are there Taco’s landlord comes in and evicts Taco, but Ruxin is quick to come up with a plan to use some lawyer talk to dissuade her from evicting Taco. He uses his shark sense, or whatever, where he walks around making the Jaws theme song, until he discovers windows that won’t open cause they are painted shut. By using this against the landlord in a subsequent meeting, Ruxin is sure that he can keep Taco in his apartment for years to come. With that all figured out Ruxin bends down to pick up the box of bottle fruit and pulls his hamstring, or so he says. I never really figured out if he was just faking it to get some pain pills or if he did indeed pull something, either way it leads to the greatest moments of “The League” so far… PK Ruxin.

Ruxin visits Andre at his office and tries to get Andre to prescribe him some pain killers (PK), but Andre is obviously not sure if Ruxin is lying or not. So while Andre goes out of the room to tend to another patient for a second, Ruxin steals his prescription pad and prescribes himself some pain killers. The rest of the episode is just absolutely ridiculous. Ruxin is slobbering around, dressing like a bum, running into things, just overall giddy and happy, it was amazing. And the culmination of the whole episode happens at Andre’s Mixology party where he mistakes Kevin’s cocaine (which he brought to trade back to Taco’s drug dealer) for confectioners sugar and puts it on the rims of all of the drinks, including Chuck’s non-alcoholic ones. Needless to say, everyone gets lit up and balls are placed on peoples heads. Oh, I forgot to mention when Taco has Ruxin confront his landlord about the windows Ruxin is wasted on pain killers and has no idea what’s going on so instead of mentioning the windows he starts doing his shark noise and then starts singing about corndogs… genius.

This is one of the funniest episodes of any TV show I’ve seen in a long time. “The League” is incredible and if you’re not watching it you should be.