The League: The Lockout (10/6/11)

the league the lockout

If you have not seen “The League”, stop what you’re doing and either fire up Netflix and stream the 1st season or just go buy the dvd/blu-rays of both seasons. This show is absolutely hysterical even if you don’t like football or know anything about fantasy football. Basically if you hate your friends, you will love this show. The 3rd season kicks off tonight and we’re finally introduced to the elusive “Dirty Randy” played by Seth Rogan. I’ve been waiting for this day for the past year, can’t wait!

The Lockout

Ruxin’s reign (of terror) as league champion continues as Season 3 begins. But the guys are cooking up a grand plan for Andre’s final Sacko Bowl punishment, with help from Rafi and Dirty Randy (Seth Rogan)

Here’s the trailer for season 3:

The League is back… thank god! Season 3 premiered last night and there was so much good stuff jammed into one episode I hope they didn’t blow their load too early. Ruxin is still on his reign of terror has he recruits the players on his fantasy team to perform The Shiva Bowl Shuffle, which he posts to the message board for everyone to see. Meanwhile, Andre is still living out his nightmare as the Sacko Bowl Winner/Loser, as he has to perform ridiculous tasks for the entire year. The guys made him grow out his hair and beard and play the flute at the bus stop for one of his lasts punishments. One of the best lines came from this part, “Do you see yourself more as a rapist who does magic or a magician who likes to rape?” At the same time, Jenny and Kevin have gotten a dog and Jenny is using the dog training tricks on Kevin, although apparently Pete and Taco have been subliminally training him for years. And who could forget Rafi and Dirty Randy. I thought that whole bit was hysterical, but I don’t know why the deleted “Smurfs Scene” that The League posted on Facebook didn’t make the episode, that was hilarious.

So I don’t want to spoil everything that happened, but if you’re not watching this show you definitely need to reconsider. At least stream it on Netflix or something, but definitely check it out. Like I said in my “always sunny” recap, I look forward to this show more than I do “sunny” and that used to be my favorite show on tv… I’m just saying.