The League: The Guest Bong (12/15/11)

It’s that time of the week again, The League is back with an all new episode. Check out the synopsis below and check back tomorrow (or listen to the podcast next week) for a recap of the episode.

The Guest Bong

Pete’s new girlfriend wants to help him with his team lineup; Kevin’s past at the DA’s office comes back to haunt him; Ruxin runs afoul of his company’s e-mail policy; and autocorrect gets everybody in trouble.

Taco getting stoned in the attic with Kevin’s gun as a pipe all while dressed in the Mr. McGibblets costume, you had me at stoned. Another classic episode this week with Kevin standing front and center as he runs into a guy he had thrown in jail for two years, but only because their daughters are now friends. Taco moves into Kevin and Jenny’s attic after getting evicted from his apartment, Ruxin gets in trouble with his HR department at work for sending vulgar statements to the fantasy football message board. For the record, our softball team this summer was named “Balls Deep”, such a great statement. The way Ruxin tries to play it off is exceptionally good as well. Yes, the children were up to their mouths in balls, they were balls deep. Pete’s got a new girlfriend who costs him a playoff spot because she wants to start doing things together and apparently changing is roster is what she had in mind. And of course Andre. Andre went to England for a conference for 3 days and now dresses, talks and acts like he’s an old timey Englishman… what a chode.