The League – The Freeze Out (10-25-12)

the league the freeze out

Timothy Olyphant makes a guest appearance on The League tonight as a sushi chef, but when Kevin and Ruxin decide they don’t trust a white guy from Omaha making their sushi, they get called racists. Coming off last week’s episode, The Hoodie, I just hope we get to see Andre in some equally ridiculous clothing.

The Freeze Out

A kid’s birthday party interferes with Pete’s planned paintball outing. Meanwhile, Ruxin has a run-in with a sushi chef (Timothy Olyphant)

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“You’re racist against white people”. Another solid episode of “The League”, but honestly I may have to give the edge to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” this week. Don’t get me wrong, Timothy Olyphant as a white sushi chef being discriminated against by Kevin and Ruxin was great, but the McPoyle’s high on bath salts and eating people is hard to top. At the same time though, Rafi made an appearance this week which is always fun, especially when he gets a “war boner” while playing paintball. Kevin and Jenny set out to break Jenny’s record for the most times having sex in one day because Jenny’s record of 5, was not with her husband. In fact, her record was with the guy who’s kid is having the birthday party that they are going to, which of course leads to the two of them screwing in the kids room and Kevin pulling his groin. Andre just lurks in the background like the day-walking vampire that he is, because it’s not creepy at all to go to a kids birthday party when you don’t have any kids. Pete organizes a fun paintball outing, but since the other guys are at the party only him, Taco and Rafi end up going. Don’t worry though, Rafi brought two real guns to the paintball match so they’re obviously going to win. Things turn south pretty quickly when Rafi gets hit twice during the game and decided that it just means he’s now on the other team, so he seeks out Taco and Pete, tackles Pete and shoves his dick in his face, war boner,  all while yelling “Gattaca” instead of Attica. The episode ends with Jenny’s ex-boyfriend informing Kevin that the record was actually 6, not 5, which crushes his hopes of ever breaking it, as it seems he can barely make it to 5. Ruxin then accuses Timothy Olyphant of being a white racist as well since he married a Japanese woman.

Not my favorite episode of “The League”, but it was definitely better than my least favorite episode, Bobbum Man. What did you guys think of this episode? What did I miss? I may or may not have been half asleep while watching it last night after the bar, but I think I got the gist of it. Let us know in the comments.