The League: The Breastalyzer Recap (11-1-12)

the league the breastalyzer recap 11-1-12

Another solid episode of The League last night; we even got a guest appearance by Kristin Cavallari and her little “cutlet”. They weren’t in the episode for very long, but long enough for Kevin to try and get her to have Jay Cutler call him, and long enough for Jenny to steal Kristin’s breast milk. Why steal breast milk you ask? Well, when your mother-in-law is in town (played by Julia Duffy) and is constantly making you take “breastalyzer” tests to make sure you’re not feeding your baby alchohol, the only way to get clean breast milk and still drink is to steal someone else’s.

Not much going on with Pete or Andre this week. They were both in the episode, but the storylines mainly focused on Jenny and Kevin, Taco and George, and Ruxin and Rafi. Taco realizes that he’s in a relationship when he explains to everyone that his roommate George (which is a girl) and him live together and have sex. This storyline was just ‘ok’ for me, but I did like when Kevin/Taco’s mom was trying to explain to Jenny how Taco turned out alright, as he can’t figure out how to unlock the front door to leave the house, at which point he drops his sandwich on the ground. It was a bit slapstick-ish at times, but still funny to watch Taco struggle with everyday nuances like opening doors.

The Ruxin/Rafi segments were probably my favorite this week, but Rafi always adds to any scene he’s in. Ruxin doesn’t want to take baby Jeffrey to swim class on Sundays because there are football games on, so instead, he sends Rafi in his place. Things take a weird turn when Rafi starts sleeping with the swimming instructor and subsequently brings her to Taco’s couples party, where Ruxin and his wife are also at. My favorite part of that storyline was when Rafi finds Jenny’s breast pump in the bedroom and thinks it’s a fancy jerk-off machine and has sex with it. He then leaves his jar of semen on the table which Kevin/Taco’s mom picks up and tastes. It was a little low-brow, but I’m not watching The League for high-brow humor. I loved every minute of this weeks episode and it still continues to be my favorite comedy on TV.