The League: The Au Pair (10/20/11)

the league the au pair

Ruxin is just never satisfied with what he has. He already has the Shiva, he has a smoking hot wife, but now he needs a hot Au Pair to take care of his kid. Next he’s probably going to pay someone to run his fantasy football team for him, geez.

On a side note, I’m not sure if it’s this episode or not, but Sarah Silverman is going to be playing Andre’s sister while Jeff Goldblum is going to be playing Ruxin’s dad. Between these guys and Seth Rogan this season I think the show is finally getting noticed. Keep up the good work guys.

The Au Pair

Ruxin hires a hot au pair (Brie Larson) for baby Geoffrey and fears that Taco will sleep with her; Andre explores online dating; and Kevin cheats on Jenny. ESPN fantasy-football guru Matthew Berry appears as himself.