The League: Thanksgiving (11/17/11)

the league thanksgiving

the league thanksgiving

The League Thanksgiving is tonight and guess who’s coming to dinner? If you guessed Jeff Goldblum and Sarah Silverman you are correct, if you guessed anyone else, you’re wrong. I can’t think of a more perfect person to play Ruxin’s father than Jeff Goldblum especially since I’ve been watching Jurassic Park all week. He’s like the Nicholas Cage of the 90’s. The League never disappoints, so I’m hoping with tonight’s guest appearances we get another classic episode.


Ruxin’s Father (Jeff Goldblum) shows up unexpectedly for Thanksgiving; Andre’s sister (Sarah Silverman) is on the prowl at the gang’s Thanksgiving dinner; Taco makes an edible investment; and Kevin and Jenny have a problem with the new family pet.

What a great episode of The League this week. Whoever cast Jeff Goldblum as Ruxin’s father deserves a raise, genius. However Sarah Silverman as Andre’s sister was a little off to me. I still thought she was decent, but something about her just didn’t fit in my eyes. There were so many great one liners and quips in this episode I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

The guys in the gang are having a contest to see who can lose the most weight and who can work out the most up until Thanksgiving dinner. They each wear a pedometer to track how many miles they’ve run, but Ruxin has found a loophole. Instead of attaching the pedometer to his ankle when he runs he attaches it to his wrist when he jerks off, but with the deadline looming he knows he has to step up his game to win the competition. He ends up lying to his family and Sophia’s family in order to get the house to himself for Thanksgiving, but unaware to him, his father had the same idea, but with Ruxin’s house. So Ruxin is all ready to jerk off to porn and his fantasy football lineup when his father walks into his house. This puts a wrench in his immediate plans, but eventually he informs his dad of what he’s doing and all is well in the house.

Meanwhile, Taco is trying to sell Andre a white truffle for $3000 as an investment. Taco has no idea what he’s talking about. And Jenny and Kevin are watching Ellie’s guinea pig over the Thanksgiving break, which terrifies Kevin. And of course Andre’s sister is in town and has apparently lose a ton of weight. She was also the person that taught all of the guys pretty much everything they know about sex when they were growing up. She even had sex with Taco who was like 11 at the time.

In the end Ruxin wins the contest by jerking off the equivalent of like 6 miles a day, Andre’s sister ends up banging Ruxin’s dad in Kevin and Jenny’s bathroom and the guinea pig eats Taco’s white truffle, climbs into the turkey and is subsequently cooked inside the turkey which is then feasted upon by everyone…. classic. Oh and you can’t forget about the sorbet demonstration, talk about awkward.

This was an amazing episode and just goes to show that “The League” is far superior to any comedy on TV right now.