“The League” Season 3 DVD Review

the league season 3 dvd review

I once had a friend tell me that he didn’t watch “The Office” because it took place in an office, and he didn’t work in an office so it didn’t interest him. I thought that was kind of a weird excuse because, in the beginning, the show was just funny in general. Yeah, the show took place in an office and most of the jokes revolved around the monotonous and boredom that sometimes comes from working in said space, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find it funny… But to his point, I do get where he was coming from, I don’t like watching lawyer comedies because I don’t find them interesting… and I’m not a lawyer, but mostly because I don’t find them interesting, which I guess could be due to the fact that I’m not a lawyer? I don’t know, I’m confusing myself now, but that does bring me to the point I’m trying to make about “The League”. Yes, it’s a show that revolves around Fantasy Football, but do you have to know and undersand Fantasy Football in order to enjoy it? Absolutely not. Do you even need to know a lot about football to enjoy it? Not really, but it helps. We have a number of friends that could care less that the Bears game is on, yet they still enjoy the comedy that comes with “The League”.

“The League” follows a group of friends as they ride out the NFL season bashing and belittling each other on their quest for The Shiva, a trophy named after a friend of theirs from high school. While the show does revolve around Fantasy Football, it’s more about a group of friends that can’t stand each other, but have been friends for so long that there’s a stronger bond between them. Ruxin is the successful, pompous lawyer while Kevin is a district attorney with a wife, Jenny, and daughter. Pete is recently divorced and living the single life to it’s fullest, while Andre is the successful plastic surgeon with a terrible fashion sense. He’s extremely easy to make fun of and ends up being the butt of most of the jokes. Taco is Kevin’s stoner brother who makes a “living” with TacoTones, a set of ridiculous ringtones that apparently make him enough money to live in a shitty apartment. And finally, a secondary character, but still one of the best characters on the show, Rafi, Ruxin’s brother in-law. Rafi is the most ridiculous character in the show and will have you on the floor every time he opens his mouth. Nobody else in their right mind would ever put 7 dollars worth of Hoobastank in a jukebox… no one.

The interaction between the characters are what make this show so good. The way they play off of each other and the chemistry the whole cast seems to have, just makes it extremely enjoyable to watch. The banter amongst them can be related back to almost any group of friends, which keeps the show grounded in reality; my friends and I act the same way when we’re together, only less witty most of the time. FX has really stepped up their comedy game over the last few years and in all honesty “The League” has slowly surpassed “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as my favorite comedy on television. Couple those two with “Wilfred” and “Louie” and FX is knocking it out of the park. The new seasons of “The League” and “It’s Always Sunny” start this Thursday and I suggest you check them out. Even if you haven’t seen the previous seasons of either show, you can still dive right in and then go back later and catch up on what you missed.


The video and audio on the DVD are exactly what you need for this show. It’s a comedy, there are no big action scenes, the audio consists of mostly dialogue, so the Dolby Digital audio does it’s job. In terms of video, no problems either. Everything looks pristine and clear, no noticeable artifacts or defects. The colors were bright and vibrant and everything looked better than I had expected, being used to Blu-Rays.

Special Features

I loved every minute of all of the special features, but I am pretty bias as this is seriously my favorite show on TV. There are a bunch of deleted scenes from different episodes which is interesting because almost all of the episodes on the disc are already extended versions of the ones that made it to air. Along with the deleted scenes is a short featurette that showcases a bunch of the songs featured in different episodes. Everything from Ruxin’s “The Shiva Bowl Shuffle” to Taco’s “Bang, Bang, What’s the Hang”. It was cool seeing the full, extended versions of some of the songs, but the Bobbum Man song weighs out its welcome pretty quickly. Rounding out the special features are a Gag Reel, which is actually pretty long and just makes me want to work on a TV show with my friends. It just seems like these guys have so much fun creating this show, that it makes me jealous. Combine that with another longer segment featuring all the different adlibs and takes for different scenes and you’ve got yourself a solid set of extras.

If you’re a fan of The League, this is absolutely worth picking up for the extended episodes and special features. I wish every comedy did this with their home video releases as it gives you a reason to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray rather than just keeping stuff on your DVR and watching them over and over again. If you’re not a fan of The League, buy all 3 season right now and call in sick to work tomorrow and catch up before season 4 starts on Thursday, you won’t be disappointed.

“I’m day drunk, who wants to see my dick” -Rafi

the league season 3 dvd review