The League: Ol’ Smoke Crotch (10/27/11)

the league ol smoke crotch

“The League”, the reason to watch TV on Thursday nights. I have come to the conclusion that “The League” is the most consistently funny show on TV right now. “The Big Bang Theory” gets a close 2nd, but seeing as how they are different types of humor I’m still going with “The League” for the top spot. And of course Rafi is back tonight… It’s murder boner time!

Ol’ Smoke Crotch

Kevin doesn’t like the fact that he’s getting older; a desperate Ruxin enlists Rafi to help him get rid of his au pair; Taco finds someone who wants Kevin and Jenny’s wedding cocktail napkins; Pete learns a new sexual position, and regrets it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The League is the most consistently funny show on TV right now. This episode will probably go down as one of the classics. It had everything from Rafi to pubes on fire, it was genius.

The episode starts off with Ruxin taking Baby Geoffrey out to eat at a restaurant because the au pair is nowhere to be found now that she’s started dating Pete. The kid starts throwing things at customers and Ruxin can’t handle him and asks the waiter to watch him while he takes a leak. The waiter refuses so Ruxin is forced to take him into the bathroom with him. Upon entering the bathroom the kid starts touching everything which makes Ruxin extremely uncomfortable, but he’s gotta pee. He sets the kid down next to him and starts peeing, but as soon as he does, Baby Geoffrey pulls an ice cube out of the urinal and eats it. Apparently these are known as water cookies in the Ruxin household and now Baby Geoffrey is forever unclean.

Meanwhile, Kevin discovers a gray pube and starts freaking out despite Jenny telling him that it’s fine. He makes her promise not to tell the guys and contemplates dying them. This leads to a slip up later on after Andre takes him to the spa. Andre informs Kevin that sometimes he uses his own gunk (or goop, can’t remember) to moisturize his own face… gross. And while all of this is happening Taco’s off on his own trying to start a pee bib business which is basically just Kevin and Jenny’s old wedding napkins that he tucks into his pants under his dick when he takes a piss so that no pee gets on his pants. And it’s that exact issue that leads Ruxin’s au pair to blackmail him because she walked in on him rubbing the dribble on his pants as he had a picture of her on the desk. She obviously assumed he was rubbing one out to her and threatened to tell his wife, basically blackmailing her into being able to not take care of the baby and still get paid.

Rafi enters the picture when Ruxin decides that he needs to force the au pair to quit on her own terms so he invites Rafi to stay on their couch. This sort of backfires when Rafi tries to join in a “Golden Gate Bridge” with the au pair and Pete, which leads to Pete leaving and Rafi banging the au pair. Eventually Rafi convinces her to quit and move in with him, which is Ruxin’s living room.

And then to top it all off Kevin tries to dye his pubes after the guys all find out and he ends up lighting his pubes on fire when trying to dry the dye with a hair dryer. He runs downstairs with a fire crotch and Taco is forced to use his pee bibs to put out the fire.

This was an absolutely stellar episode and it only reaffirms my statement that it is the funniest show on tv. I’m glad they keep bringing Rafi back, but I’m also glad they don’t over use him in too many episodes.