The League: Kegel The Elf/The Sacko Bowl (12/9/10)

the league kegel the elf the sacko bowl

I almost feel bad for not writing about this show the entire season as it’s one of the funniest shows on television currently and everyone should be watching it. I don’t care if you know nothing about football or fantasy football, it’s still hysterical. The main premise revolves around fantasy football, but they don’t sit around and constantly talk about it. Seeing as how this is the season 2 finale tonight I would suggest throwing Season 1 (which is only 6 episodes) on your Netflix list or go buy them now, and check them out, then find a way to watch Season 2. Trust me, it’s well worth it. So here is the synopsis for tonight’s season finale, which is actually 2 episodes back to back, along with the preview.

Kegel The Elf

Tension mounts as Christmas—and the playoffs—near: Ruxin’s revenge gift to Kevin Backfires; and Ellie’s school behavior causes Jenny to worry that fantasy football is causing her to neglect her parental duties. Meanwhile, Taco’s eggs turn 1 year old.

The Sacko Bowl

Season 2 finale: The season is ending and everyone is vying for the Shiva (and trying to avoid “winning” the dreaded Sacko). Meanwhile, Kevin learns to read lips by watching porn; and Pete is mistaken for a cop when he buys a Ford Crown Victoria.

The “Kegel the Elf” episode was not the funniest episode of the season, but I did enjoy “The Sacko Bowl”. Dre-aids (draids) being passed around, taco not understanding if he won or lost the Sacko Bowl and Rafi’s Murder Boner made for a classic episode. All I’m going to say is go ahead and watch every episode of The League if you haven’t already… see you next season.

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