The League: Judge MacArthur (11-8-12) Recap

the league judge macarthur recap 11-8-12

I actually wasn’t too impressed with last night’s episode of “The League” or “It’s Always Sunny”; I would have to say that “The Big Bang Theory” and Wednesday night’s “Modern Family” were far better comedies this week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give you a quick rundown of what happened last night.

Kevin decides that he wants to try to become a judge instead of just a lawyer, but obviously his friends don’t think he has what it takes to move up in the world. Ruxin tries to prove everyone that he’s the smartest in the group, but when Pete makes them all take the Wonderlic test, which is a basic aptitude test that all members of the NFL must take, (it’s also used in other businesses, not just football) they realize that Ruxin might not be as smart as he thinks he is. Sitting on top of the leaderboard after the test is Pete followed by a balding Andre and then Ruxin, and tied at the bottom are Kevin and Taco. Kevin clearly doesn’t like the results as he’s trying to become a judge, but they are especially amusing because Taco spent the first 8 minutes, of the 10 minute test, taking shots with girls around the bar.

The remainder of the episode revolved around a big charity dinner that one of the judges was throwing. Kevin bought a table to try to impress the people there, but when he invites all his friends he just ends up getting kicked out of the party; mainly due to Ruxin slowly becoming stupider for the mere fact that the test told him he wasn’t the smartest, so he began to believe it. He ends up finding a judges robe in a closet, puts it on backwards and then proceeds to throw a punch at Ryan Fitzpatrick. Couple that with the fact that Andre caught lice from Ellie and passed it on to the judge that Kevin was trying to impress, and you’re bound to get thrown out of any party.

kevin's judge face the league
Kevin's Judge Face

The episode had it’s moments, like Andre claiming he’s not going bald, but just has clear hair and Kevin’s judge face, but overall not as solid as some of the previous entries this season. I know Rafi is a treat when he makes an appearance, but I think this episode would have benefited from dumb Ruxin becoming best friends with Rafi to some degree; the episode was just missing something.