The League: Flowers for Taco Recap

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The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia adopted the basic same underlying story this week, in that they made their dumbest character smarter through some weird turn of events. In the case of It’s Always Sunny, they made Charlie smarter by giving him a magic pill that would enhance his brain power. In The League, they just took Taco’s weed away from him. I have to give the edge to Sunny this week though. The League was good, but this season has just been off in general for me.

The League: Flowers for Taco Recap

Taco decides he would rather eat his weed in the form of brownies than smoke it, so he gives all of his weed to a local bakery has them bake it into brownies. The only problem is that the guys at the bakery fill Taco’s briefcase with normal brownies and ate all the weed brownies themselves, thus leaving Taco sober. Unlike Charlie, in Sunny, Taco actually is smarter now that he isn’t going through life in a weed haze. He even comes up with a plausible reason for why Jenny can no longer give Ruxin’s dog a boner… yup, that’s where this show is going.

I didn’t mind in previous seasons when Taco trained a dog to be able to sense if someone has had sex, and then the piano delivery guy went and jerked off to Jenny in the bathroom, thus sending the dog into a frenzy. But having half of your plot line be about Jenny being upset because the dog no longer gets turned on around her is a bit weird. Don’t get me wrong, they are making Jenny look really good this season, and to have her put on a little skirt and short top in order to try and arouse a dog is fine with me… Well, the skirt and short top part are, the arousal of the dog was not something I really cared about; it wasn’t even that funny.

People have been telling me that last season of “The League” was not funny at all and that they are starting to lose interest. I defended the show because I still thought it was pretty funny, but this episode is definitely starting to disappoint. The characters are all becoming exaggerated versions of themselves. The only one that’s still semi-normal is Pete, the rest have kind of jumped the shark. Taco is starting to get back to his original self, but there was a point there when they almost made him too smart. Kevin is being portrayed as a wild animal who can’t do anything reasonable for himself; sometimes I wonder how he’s even a lawyer. Ruxin isn’t quite as bad, but we need more Sophia. The Rafi episode was too much, he’s only good in small doses. And there’s absolutely no way that Andre is as dumb as they are making him out to be. I almost cringe when the group starts making fun of something Andre says and he doesn’t pick up on the obvious sexual innuendoes. I’m almost embarrassed for him.

So hopefully The League starts to get back to their old ways again and the episodes start getting better. I still like the show and will continue to watch, but it’s almost as if it’s not the same show anymore. I get that when you’re five seasons into a tv show, things are going to have to change to keep it interesting, but drastically changing the characters into a mockery of themselves isn’t the way to do it.