The League: Chalupa vs. The Cutlet (recap)

the league chalupa batman vs the cutlet recap

The League: Chalupa vs. The Cutlet Recap

The League continues to impress this season as we see Andre fall deeper and deeper into depression because nobody will come in his man cave… Ok, not really, he’s depressed because Trixie called off the wedding after his semen got in her eyes leaving her blind. As much as they want to make fun of him for everything he says or does, Taco and Pete decide they need to help cheer him up by taking him out for the night with one of Taco’s eskimo brothers. They also want to ensure that Andre wins his game the first week in the fantasy football league, but Taco gave the rights to his team to a crazy war veteran that lives in the library, so that wasn’t going to happen.

They head down to some fancy club where Taco introduces them to the art of smoking your alcohol. Now, I have actually seen videos of people doing this online, but not in the same way that they do it at this bar. The way I saw it involves air pressure forcing the alcohol into a gaseous state, which you then inhale. It sounds dangerous as hell so I don’t recommend it and I’m not going to tell you where to find out how to do it. Either way, Taco, Pete and Andre are enjoying smoking their alcohol when Taco’s eskimo brother shows up… Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, but I refuse to call him that). The four of them start picking up girls, which Andre immediately ruins by running his mouth so he ends up going home alone to practice magic in his man cave, but all he really does is ends up sinking into the cushions of the couch.

Meanwhile, Pete brings a girl back to Andre’s man cave, through his backdoor as instructed, and they start making out on the couch. All of a sudden Andre bursts out of the cushions claiming that he was the “man in the box” which is apparently a magic trick. Pete’s girl leaves, but Taco and his girl show up and don’t even care that Andre is in the couch and just start going at it on top of him.

On the other side of the episode we see Jenny and Kevin trying to find a school for Chalupa Batman to attend. Which leads me to a question, how did Chalupa Batman age so quickly? I thought it had only been a year and yet he’s huge and they are looking at schools already? Did I miss something? Either way, they end up looking at the same school as Jay Cutler and his wife. After purposely bumping into them to strike up a conversation Kristin Cutler brings up the fact that someone stole her breast milk at the parenting class they were both at. Obviously we know that Jenny is the one that stole it, but Kristin doesn’t… yet.

Jenny invites the Kristin and the Cutlet over to the house for a play date with Chalupa Batman, but when Chalupa Batman “sacks” the Cutlet when Kristin is trying to give him some of her breast milk, she realizes that Jenny is the one that stole her breast milk and leaves.

To try and rekindle the relationship, Kevin and Jenny attend a fundraiser thing at the Cutler’s house where Kevin ends up farting in their bathroom and then spray painting the walls. Needless to say, I don’t think they will be hearing from the Cutlers any time soon.

I thought it was a pretty good episode. There was a lot of emphasis on the crude Andre man cave jokes, which were funny, but got pretty old and sad after a while. I know Andre isn’t the smartest guy, but come on, he is a doctor, there’s no way he wouldn’t have realized what he was saying. And the whole obsession with magic is a little strange. And another thing, where was Ruxin? We didn’t see him at all the entire episode. They did make mention of him once I believe, but he never showed up…

Next week’s episode sounds incredible by the way… can’t wait.

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