The League: Bobbum Man (11/3/11)

the league bobbum man

Another installment of the best comedy on television tonight and it looks like Taco is throwing his hat in the social networking ring. This show continues to amaze me every week and it doesn’t look like tonight will be any different. I’m getting a murder boner just thinking about it.

Bobbum Man

Jenny forgets a special anniversary she shares with Kevin; Andre seeks lineup Nirvana; Taco sets up an offline social network he calls My Face; and the guys resurrect their old game of phone chicken and bring back Bobbum Man (to Kevin’s dismay).

Alright, let me just start off by saying that I really enjoyed the episode and I thought it was funny, but I was extremely confused by this whole Bobbum Man thing. For one, it was hard to understand whatever anyone was saying in regards to Bobbum Man and I really didn’t get the point of him. Kevin’s ejaculating guy was funny and made sense, even Andre’s weird Crawfish jerking off guy kind of made sense, but I didn’t understand what Bobbum Man was supposed to be, or be doing? Was he just a guy that sounded creepy and wanted to rape Kevin? I feel like it was an inside joke that the writers/creators have with their friends and they all find it hysterical so they thought we would too, but it was just confusing to me. I don’t think the joke translated very well to TV and to people outside their group of friends.

Bobbum Man aside, Taco’s My Face thing fell a little flat for me as well. I thought it was funny, but it seemed forced. Taco just seemed too serious about the whole thing. Even in the opening scene he was seriously pissed at Andre for being on Facebook and Twitter the whole time they were at the pizza place. I miss the funny, retarded Taco. I will say though that even though I didn’t really care for the My Face storyline, the fact that Rafi was all about it was great. He even had a My Face wall in his shitty, weird, underground chair storage house. And the fact that Rafi can’t tell when Ruxin is being sarcastic is great since it’s extremely obvious when Ruxin is being sarcastic. And of course you can’t forget Rafi kicking Andre one last time after he finds out that it is in fact Andre. And then is grand idea to change names and leave the country only after suggesting they need to get a rug in a really large size, a bonesaw, and condoms, but of course after he finds out he’s not dead they no longer need the condoms. And the fact that he still think’s Kevin’s name is Brian and suggests he changes his name to Kevin is a-mazing.

Another great episode overall, but like I said, the Bobbum Man stuff kind of confused me. Maybe I just have to watch it again or maybe someone can explain it to me in the comments, but I just didn’t get it.