The Gang Hits The Road (9/24/09)

After last weeks killer season premiere the gang is back and ready to hit the road. Apparently Frank has never seen the Grand Canyon before and wants to check it out before he dies, so the gang takes a road trip. Check back tomorrow for a mini-review of the episode.

The gang takes a road trip. Destination: the Grand Canyon.

And the gang delivers again. This season is starting off the with a bang and last night’s episode was another classic. Frank decides he wants to see the Grand Canyon before he dies so the gang decides to go on a road trip, however they forget to tell Dee that they are going and try to leave without her. Dee ends up buying a car that morning so she gets to work early since she didn’t have to take the bus, thus catching the rest of the gang as they are loading up a trailer and Dennis’ car for the trip.

Charlie was originally going to hang back with Dee because he is afraid of leaving Philly since he never has. He’s very worried the people are going to be dicks and mean to him, but now that Dee is going Charlie decides that he doesn’t want to sit around the bar by himself. So they load into the car and start on their journey. Not long after the trip starts, Charlie informs the gang that he has never had a pear in his life so Mac and Dennis make the decision to stop at the italian market to get a pear for Charlie , they also end up buying furniture and other stuff from the “gypsies” as they call them. And their bartering technique is less than stellar.

On the way to the italian market there is a bike rider in the middle of the road causing them to go slower than they would like. So Mac gets the brilliant idea that he’s going to throw a beer bottle past the guy to scare him a bit. Yeah, well he ends up hitting him in the head causing him to run into a parked car and Dennis ends up running over the bike, popping his 2 front tires. So they go back to the bar and steal Dee’s car while she’s in the bathroom because she has to pee every 5 minutes. As they leave the bar they get stuck at a red light and Dee comes running up to them and jumps in the car.

At some point Dennis and Charlie end up riding in the back of the u-haul with 2 wicker chairs and a small bbq. They have cracked the back door by duct taping beer bottles underneath it and Dennis assures Charlie that the BBQ will not slide under the door because the door isn’t open enough for that to happen. Yet as soon as they hit the next bump the BBQ collapses on itself and slides right out the back. Seeing as how Charlie and Dennis are both hungry now they decide the best idea is to smash the wicker chairs and light them on fire and roast the hot dogs over the flame. That doesn’t work out so well when they end up passing out due to some sort of coating the chairs had on them that was toxic.

Then at some point they pick up a hitch hiker so that Dee can play drinking games with Mac and Frank in the car while the hitch hiker drives them around. Dee ends up getting hammered and finds out that the kid is running away from home so she puts in the soul asylum tape and starts slurring runaway train to the kid. She then pisses in a bottle and empties it out the window which comes back in the back window all over Mac’s face. “Is This Piss”, probably one of the best scenes ever, see the animated gif below.

I’m sure there’s other stuff that happened, but this is getting too drawn out, go watch the episode. Needless to say they never make it out of Philly and Dee’s car gets stolen. Another classic episode from the Always Sunny crew.

Couple of animated gifs from this weeks episode after the jump.