The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention (10/8/09)

This sounds like it’s going to be another classic It’s Always Sunny episode.

Frank’s behavior is more bizarre than usual — so bizzare that even the gang notice — so they decide to stage an intervention.

So Frank has a drinking problem and it’s beginning to annoy the gang. The episode starts off with everyone in the car headed to a “BBQ”. Frank is in the back drinking box wine out of a can. When they pull up to the “BBQ” they realize that they are at a funeral for Frank’s wife’s sister’s husband, or Dennis and Dee’s uncle. The whole reason they go to the funeral is because Frank wants to bang his wife’s sister, but once Mac gets a look at her he wants to bang her and convinces Frank to go after Gail the Snail instead. Gail the Snail is the “Garbage Pail Cousin” as Dennis and Dee have dubbed her. She’s the crazy ugly looking cousin that they used to throw salt on in order to keep her away, but they aren’t proud of it.
So Dennis, Dee and Charlie go meet with a person that will help give Frank an intervention because he wants to bang their aunt, but Charlie is more upset not because Frank is drinking, but because Frank is drinking without him. Then the conversation moves towards Frank’s gun and that the intervention lady should probably be armed at the intervention. Charlie wants to ambush Frank with a net or a rope device to bring him to the intervention and hopefully have the gun fall out of his pants. It’s at this point that the intervention lady brings up the fact that Dee has been drinking wine out of a can the whole time which everyone thinks is a brilliant idea.
And now one of the greatest scenes, Frank is gargling beer as him and Mac are walking down the street. Mac convinces Frank to bang Gail the Snail, but Frank is too busy belching/burping/gargling or something. Back at the bar Dennis comes up with the idea to write letters to Frank, so Charlie starts dictating what he wants Dennis to write in his letter and he brings up the fact that him and Frank never play Night Crawlers anymore. Which is apparently Frank and Charlie crawling around like worms at night. At this point Dee walks in banging on a pot, still drinking canned wine and the gang starts to join in on this new found way to drink.
Frank wakes up at “the snail’s” house and finds Mac cooking breakfast in the kitchen in an attempt to impress Frank’s wife’s sister, Donna. Meanwhile the snail is giving Frank a handy under the table, but ends up just mashing it. So Donna kicks everyone out of the house and the snail goes with Mac claiming that he’s her new boyfriend.
Back at the bar Dennis, Dee and Charlie are setup for an intervention with the intervention lady. The whole gang is drinking boxed wine out of cans as they confront Frank about his issues, but he thinks that he’s being roasted. Instead of intervening they just yell at Frank and call him an asshole and Charlie asks Frank why they don’t play Night Crawlers anymore and basically it just turns into the gang yelling “intervention” at each other when they see something they don’t like and it comes out that Mac banged Frank’s wife. It’s at this point that Charlie starts throwing salt all over Gail the Snail to push her out of the bar.
And that’s about it, another very solid episode, season 5 is shaping up to be a pretty good season. After the jump check out the animated gif of Frank belching