The Gang Exploits The Mortgage Crisis (9/17/09)

It’s that time again! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicks off it’s 5th season tonight on FX. If you have not seen this show I recommend that you run out right now and buy all 4 seasons on DVD and then call in sick to work and watch them all today. I’ll be doing the weekly commentary/review of each episode like I did last year. I’ll also try to incorporate some animated gifs and links to the full episodes whenever they make it onto Hulu, but for now here’s the synopsis for tonight’s episode, I can’t wait!

Season 5 premiere: Frank, Mac and Dennis try their hand at real estate; Dee arranges to be a surrogate mother for a rich couple; Charlie squares off with a lawyer over the intricacies of the judicial system.

And so the season has officially kicked off with a bang…. Filibuster…. The episode starts with Mac, Charlie and Dennis sitting around the bar debating on whether or not it’s legal to own a hummingbird and somehow Charlie thinks that hummingbirds are illegal (or maybe it was legal, I couldn’t understand him) tender, but apparently it’s legal to keep a Gull in your house. However, seabirds can be quite loud and could blow out your eardrums. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation Dee walks in to tell the guys that she’s going to be a surrogate mother, but they all completely ignore her. Frank then walks in to tell the guys he bought a foreclosed house and they are going to flip it. A debate breaks out about whether to do the baby thing or the house thing and everyone unanimously agrees on the house.

I don’t want to give away everything that happens in the episode so I’m not going to explain every scene, but the episode involves a foreclosed house that still has people living in it, Dee using the surrogate parents for their pool and Charlie challenging a lawyer to a duel. The lawyer also happens to be the same lawyer from the episode where Dennis and Dee’s mom is dead. Overall a very good start to season 5, I was laughing pretty much the entire time, but there are some moments that had me rolling more than others.

– The whole opening with the hummingbird talk and hummingbirds being illegal (legal) tender
– House House House House House House
– Frank telling Dee to “flush the baby out”
– Charlie arguing with the lawyer and just saying the word filibuster for absolutely no reason then getting frustrated and running through the door.
– The guys using a battering ram of sorts to smash the front door of the house, from the inside out and then just kicking the shit out of it.
– Dennis explaining how to torture and kill the family
– Honey and Vinegar
– Dee’s jackknife  into the pool

What were your favorite moments from last nights episode? Let us know in the comments.