“The Following” Has Me Hooked

the following impressions kevin bacon

Kevin Bacon’s new TV show “The Following” aired it’s second episode last night and I’m already hooked. Actually, I was hooked after the pilot premiered last week, but usually I start to fall off the bandwagon when the second episode doesn’t hold up… not in this case. If you haven’t checked it out yet here’s a brief overview of what it’s about. Joe Carroll was a serial killer who modeled his work after the work of Edgar Allan Poe. He would cut out the eyes of his victims as he “wrote” the book of his life. He wasn’t always a serial killer though, he was actually a very respected college professor, but at some point he started taking his teachings way too seriously. He is eventually caught by Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) before he has a change to murder his final victim. After being locked up for a number of years, Carroll has finally amassed a cult following using the internet and his way with words. He has recruited a number of people to help him essentially write the sequel to his book, but the sequel can’t start before the first book is finished, meaning he has to finish what he started before he got caught.

That’s “The Following” in a nutshell, there are obviously other things that happen, but I don’t want to spoil the pilot for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. After the first 2 episodes of the show I’m really, really enjoying it. The man who created it, Kevin Williamson, has been behind many successful TV shows and movies in the past, so I have total faith that he’ll steer this one in the right direction. It actually very much reminds me of a little screenplay he wrote called “Scary Movie”… nope, not the Wayan’s Brothers “Scary Movie”… you might know it by it’s actual working title, “Scream”. Yup, that’s right, “Scream” was actually titled “Scary Movie” when it was first written by Williamson, but it was changed before the movie went into production. It’s because of that movie that I have complete faith in Williamson and his ability to create horror and suspense capable of captivating the TV watching public. You can definitely see some of “Scream” in “The Following” in the way the characters interact and the way things play out; I’m actually quite surprised we didn’t see anyone climb in an open window in the pilot (Williamson also developed Dawson’s Creek and has a habit of making characters use the window instead of the door).

I’ve definitely added “The Following” to my DVR and have even decided that I have to watch each new episode the night it airs, it’s just that good. I probably won’t be doing recaps each week here, but I’m sure I’ll be back at the end of the season to discuss how everything went down. That doesn’t mean I’m not up for a discussion about each week, so make sure to hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.