The Event: To Keep Us Safe (9/27/10)

the even to keep us safe

Loved last weeks episode of the The Event, but I may find it hard to watch tonight since I have volleyball as well as the Bears vs. Packers game, it’s been a few years since the Bears started the season 2-0 so I gotta root for em. I will do my best to make sure I set aside time tonight to watch The Event so I can do a recap tomorrow, but if for some reason I don’t I’ll be sure to update the post as soon as I do.

What do you guys think of the show so far? Did you like the first episode? Were you confused by the timeline jumps? Is it a suitable substitute for LOST?

To Keep Us Safe

Following the plane incident, the president’s men scramble to figure out what happened; Sterling has Sophia taken into custody; and the conspiracy’s web snares an FBI agent Collier (Heather McComb) and a mercenary Carter (D.B. Sweeney). In other events, a shadowy man named Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) comes forth with information about the detainees.

And here we go……

Ok so if you caught last nights The Event, then continue….if not SPOILERS!!!

We start with the question everyone was asking, well at least I was. Where did that darn plane disappear to?? Well in the opening scene we find that it has landed in some desert (i will get to location later) after being “beamed” out of the sky. Everyone seemed to have survived the crash. After the plane had landed a fire starts and forces all of the people out and into the hot desert sun. They then scale back to the plane to see Michael Buchanan walking out of the cockpit and towards Sean.

We jump to 4 days earlier, where Michael Buchanan is being held captive and being asked to do this task or his daughter will die. Mike is brought to a small “peeping” hole to see the evidence that this guy means business as a girl is holding a gun to her head. It looks a lot like the girl of the couple from the cruise….Back to real time. He explains that he was told to do this or his daughter would be killed. They had already killed his wife, per the first episode. Sean is still confused of course. Micheal refers to someone named Vicky when he was being questioned by Sean. Then you hear someone say “help is coming”. Well not so fast. Michael Buchanan tells Sean to run for it and save his daughter, Seans’ fiance, because he was the only one who could. I still don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but it’ll come.

Now back to the President. His family is taken to his under ground bunker, but he stays behind to try and get some more information.
The President is told that an electromagnetic blast had been traced at the exact time of the disappearance. The President asks the general if there are any weapons in the world or any countries that might hold these weapons. The general responds with a definite no. Then Blake Sterling chimes in saying he knows of only ONE other group that could have done this.

We jump to 13 months earlier. The setting is a conference room, where many high officials sit. The President wants answers to this “matter” that’s been managed under wraps for decades. Blake then starts in describing an incident that occurred back in 1944, where an aircraft crashed in the mountains. He goes on to say that the survives of the crash were “not of terrestrial” origin. Apparently they age at a very slower rate than as do “humans”. The President questions the reason for holding these people in a confined camp. Then we zoom into a photo of Sophia, the lady whom was present when the plane incident was occurring.

Back to present time. We see Sean walking alone in the hot desert. Only to pass out due to the heat exhaustion.

Seven Days Earlier. We see the two love birds on their cruise ship talking about why Leila was sick. Damn squid. There’s a knock on the door and it turns out to be Vicky from the couple they met earlier. She really wants to go scuba diving, so Sean goes, leaving Leila all alone. Then there’s another knock. Leila of course thinks its her lover coming back because he forgot something, but its really Greg, Vickys’ boyfriend. He just wanted to come by and make sure she was OK, but is very persistent and won’t leave. Leila feels threatened by his presence. He tries a slick move, don’t ever massage another mans girls feet. Then a security guard comes to the door, asking if there’s a problem. Greg of course says there’s no problem and that the security guard should leave. The guard then slowly pulls out a knife from his pocket and sticks Greg, killing him, so we are to assume. Leila is on the run, only to be captured by another security guard and given a shot to knock her out. Oh Oh.

Back to real time. Sean wakes up in the hospital. He asks where hes at and the nurse says Yuma, which is in Arizona. So the plane crashed in Arizona! Any way, Sean starts in saying he needs to talk to the police about his girlfriend being gone. The nurse of course just believes he is suffering from heat stroke. The nurse obliges by calling the police and stating his claim. The police look him up only to realize he has a federal warrant out for his arrest in the killing of Greg Kervin, from the paragraph before.

Jump to the President riding down a tunnel to a holding block where Sophia is being held. They do a little back story information on the crash from 1944 and how it was found. Back to the cell. The President wants to truth to whats been going on and why her people are doing it. Shes reluctant to tell. She basically has no information to tell the President, only saying that her people mean them (the normal people?) no harm. He pulls the deal and threatens Sophia. She then shows a threat by saying her peoples patience has run out….

Back to the hospital. Sean is being pursued by three police officers whom catch him in the lobby.

They then cut to when Agent Lee was being given a blood test to allow him into the CIA. The nurse finds it hard to draw blood, he states he has small veins. They then cut to Mr Lee in a bathroom lifting up his sleeve to reveal a small incision in his arm. He digs in and pulls out a small tube, that we can only assume held the blood that was being drawn. So here we are lead to believe that he is one of the extraterrestrial people, maybe? We then see Lee meeting with an individual, named Thomas whom you will notice from the 1944 crash flashback. Lee is given the coordinates to the plane crash and some information that he is uncertain of. They then cut to the agents that caught Sean driving down the road listening to his story. Of course they do not believe him one bit. They come up to a roadblock, where Sean instantly knows the cop is lying, only to have to agents turn around and go the other way…We see the plane in the distance.

We then cut to the military securing and checking the area of the plane crash. They find Michael first laying dead on the ground. Agent Lee is then summoned over to see something. We pane out to see that everyone in the plane had been killed and left.

Well I know there was a lot of information in there, I will get better at possibly shortening them, but it is the second episode so there’s still a lot of questions to put out there. I guess we will find out what happened to the passengers of that flight and see if the agents start to believe Sean. Overall I thought the episode was pretty good. Like I said its only the 2nd episode so there will be a lot rolling out in the time to come. Well I hope you enjoyed this and as always kids, Do your homework. Mr. Belding says so

Signing out (heh always wanted to say that)

Mr Belding