The Event: Protect Them From The Truth (10/4/10)

the event protect them from the truth

Will Sophia come clean about why the detainees are really there? Will Sean find his girlfriend before it’s too late? So far I’m loving The Event and can’t wait until we find out more of the mystery surrounding the detainees. I know I said I didn’t want it to be “aliens”, but I think they’ve found a good middle ground that doesn’t rely on them being reptile people like “V”.

Protect Them From The Truth

A new detainee (Clea Duvall) is put into play when the Martinez administration rolls out a new strategy to make Sophia come clean about the detainees’ plan. In other events, Vicky and Carter hold an important hostage and Collier’s doubts grow deeper.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet you may want to turn away as there are spoilers ahead!

Obviously the episode picks up where we left off last week, Sean was being taken into custody by the FBI after he was apprehended at the hospital after the plane crash. On the way back to the field office the FBI car he’s riding in comes upon a police car that has the road blocked due to a “chemical spill” which is actually a cover-up for the plane crash that Sean was in. Since the FBI agents don’t believe his story they start to turn the car around to go back to the detour route when all of a sudden an RV comes out of nowhere and t-bones the car pushing it into the cop that was directing traffic. The car flips over and Sean is able to escape out the back window. He’s hurt, but he’s OK. The driver of the FBI car is dead, but the passenger is ok and Sean helps her to safety as they both escape in the police car that was blocking the road.

Sean takes the FBI agent to a motel and cleans up her wounds. She’s handcuffed to the bed so she can’t capture him again. He tries to get into the FBI’s facial recognition database so he can try to figure out who Vicky is, the woman that was on the cruise that kidnapped his girlfriend. He finds out that he can’t access the database unless he’s plugged into a hardline from within the FBI office, wifi won’t work. So knowing that she’s going to attempt to call her agents to come help her, Sean goes into the bathroom and listens in and once the FBI is comes to rescue her, he escapes out the window of the bathroom and hides in the trunk of an FBI car.

Once the FBI comes and finds nobody in the bathroom they head back to the field office where Sean gets out of the trunk with the agent’s computer and makes his way into the networking room so he can access the facial recognition database. Of course the agent realizes her computer is missing and figures out that Sean has got to be in the building so he ends up getting caught, but not before he can find out who Vicky is… or who she claims to be based on the multiple identities in the system. As all these pieces start to come together the FBI agent starts to believe his story. As they are questioning Sean in the building, two US Marshalls come in with a transfer request for Sean, but instead once the agent that is starting to believe Sean places a call to find out who ordered the transfer, the “US Marshalls” open fire on the office killing almost everyone. Sean and the agent manager to kill one of them and knock out the other one during their escape. Sean now has FBI help in finding his girlfriend…

While all of this is going on Sean’s girlfriend, Leila, is being moved from her original location to a shipping container in a shipping yard. On the way there, however, Vicky is pulled over by a police officer who almost figures out what’s going on, but is instead shot in the chest and thrown in the back of the van with Leila. So Leila is now being held in a random shipping container in a random shipyard until they can track down Sean and stop him from finding her.

Meanwhile, the President and his aides have put out a deal to any of the detainees who are willing to talk regarding why they are there, what their intentions are and where the rest of them are. One man comes forward and agrees to talk in exchange for a free life, money and his girlfriend who was also locked up with him. In exchange he agrees to tell the President everything he knows about them, which sounds like a lot. But before he’s able to tell them anything he makes sure they hold good on their word and release his girlfriend. She shows up at the hotel room and they have a nice loving reunion until she stabs him, killing him before he can tell the President anything.

And finally, the episode ends with a military guy keeping watch over the bodies from the plane crash in a hanger somewhere. As he’s wandering around through the piles of dead bodies he starts to hear breathing, a little girl is alive. He runs over and radios back to headquarters to send a medic because a girl is alive, which seems almost impossible, but not nearly as impossible as what happens next…. another guy wakes up, then another and soon they are all sitting up and breathing. Apparently whatever they were hit with didn’t kill them, but only gave them the appearance of being dead which is obviously more of the alien technology similar to what transported the plane.

So there you have it, a decent rundown of this weeks episode of The Event. Keep checking back as we progress through the season for more recaps!

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