The Event: A Matter of Life and Death (10/11/10)

The Event: A Matter of Life and Death

Sounds like there is going to be a lot of stuff jammed into this week’s episode of The Event based on the synopsis below. Check back tomorrow for a recap and discussion of the episode!

A Matter of Life and Death

The White House’s only hope for stopping a biological threat that rests on breaking Sophia during interrogation; Vicky and Carter await instructions on what to do with their hostage; Collier stumbles accross Vicky’s secret during her search for Leila; a White House-connected businessman (Hal Holbrook) with knowledge of classified intelligence emerges from the shadows.

Lets Go!!! SPOILERS!

We start out this episode with Sean and the FBI agent escaping the parking garage from the, we will call them the bad guys. If you remember, while Sean was being interrogated after being picked up, a couple of agents came in and shot up the station. The only “bad guy” left from the station steals a car and peruses Sean and the female agent. They end up killing the guy chasing and the female agent insists that Sean tells her whats going on. So he gives her the rundown.

We jump to 5 years earlier. Sean is picking up Leila from school and she wants him to drive to her parents house with her for Thanksgiving dinner. He says sure.

Back to real time. We jump to where they are holding Layla. Vicky and another Agent take Leila to a basement holding area, where the male agent explains that Layla will be OK. Right. While upstairs discussing, the Male Agent tells Vicky to relax, that they were just waiting for the word, and that Leila would be dead in 2 hours. Can’t trust those baddies.

After the break they show a series of interviews involving the people who were on the plane. If you remember from the last episode all of the people from the plane woke up. None of them recall a single thing of what happened. Just what they remember doing last, but no one recalls what went down. The President is questioning the reason they would do this. Why bring the people back to life, but with no recollection. Now we jump to Michael Buchanan being held in a cell, and being interrogated by Blake Sterling. Mike tells them that they took his daughter and killed his wife. Then he tells Blake that his daughter knew the girl, and he says her name is Vicky. The President then receives a call from Thomas. Thomas’ ultimatum is that if the President does not release Sophia, people will really die this time. Well the President has a big decision to make here.

After the jump, we go to Sean and the Female Agent driving down a road, where Sean steals someones WiFi. I mean come on, you got to protect your WiFi. He gets into the FBI database and searches for Vicky. He finds an alias and both agree this could be a lead.

Back to 5 years earlier. Leila and Sean arrive at the Buchanan’s house, where Sean introduces himself to the family. Here we just learn a little about Michael and the rest of Leila’s family. Sean explains a little bit about his background as well. Telling us how he has not spoken to his family in a few years, in the most awkward way possible!

OK, now we see Leila in the basement where she is being held captive. Earlie when I was talking about how she was being taking down by Vicky and the Male Agent, the Male Agent had brought down a beer. Well the beer bottle had broken, and he tried to clean it up. Well he forgot a piece, and Leila has found it. She begins to cut away at the rope wrapped around her hands. Vicky gets a call and tells the Male Agent that it is time to kill the girl, and she, Vicky, wants to do it. Meanwhile, Sean and the Female Agent have arrived at a house they believe is the one where Leila is being held captive, but it turns out to be the wrong one. Damn! Back to Leila, she has severed her rope halfway, and then she sees Vicky looking in on her. We jump to the White House, where the President is irate to the fact that Thomas had called his Sons’ phone. He and Blake discuss the repercussions of what might happen if they release Sophia, and Blake is all about not releasing her until they get her to talk, which the President reluctantly agrees upon.

!2 months earlier, we see President Martinez and his wife getting ready for some sort of meet and greet. We see that the person his wife and him are meeting is Sophia. Here Sophia talks about her people sitting around and telling their story of immigrating to the United States. Quite interesting that they knew each other before all of this had happened.

Now we jump back to President Martinez talking to Sophia in her holding cell. The President insists she tells him whats going on, but she is hesitant to tell. She finally tells Martinez who the main person is, Thomas, and what he is capable of.

We now go to Mike waking up in his holding cell with a bloody nose, as well as all of the other passengers. The hazmat team is rushed in to take control. The passengers start to all bleed profusely from their noses and mouths. Must be an after effect of what happened, or it could be that Thomas is triggering something that is causing this, leading me to believe that he has somehow injected or planted something inside them all that he has complete control over.

We now go back to Sean and Agent Collier talking to the woman whose house they had thought was the location of Leila. Sean becomes suspicious and begins to walk around. He finds a boy named Adam. Adam asks Sean if he is a friend of his mommy’s, and Sean says yes and shows him a picture. The picture is of him, Sean, and Vicky! The boy states that his mom would not allow them to put pictures up in their house. That’s very interesting. Adam wants Sean to take a picture of him, so he can show Vicky how big he got. The woman wants the Agents to leave, but Sean comes in and says that she is Vicky’s mother. The woman tells then that Vicky only calls once in a while to to check in. The mother gets a number from a drawer and says that she is only to call that in an emergency! They then take us to where Vicky is getting ready to kill Leila. Well little does Vicky know, Leila has a nice right hook. Leila dislodges the gun from Vickys’ hand and manages to pick it up and escape, locking the door behind her. Vicky tries to break through the door, only to get shot by Leila. Leila is now on the run, where she runs into a cop and explains her story. She is now back at the station where the officer who picked her up is explaining the story to chief. If you noticed the chief or whatever he is seems a bit suspicious. He keeps winking and smiling at Leila. Now she is a particularly attractive woman, but he just seems creepy about it. Leila is allowed a call, and she calls Sean. He of course does not answer. She just explains to him that shes OK and her location.

They jump back to 5 years earlier, after Thanksgiving dinner, where Sean is getting the seal of approval to be with Leila.

Back to the police station. The man who was creepily smiling at Leila asks to get her some tea or coffee. When he goes back to see it we see the Male Agent whom was in the house where they kept Leila. The officer explains that Leila had called Sean but he did not pick up. Then we hear a womans’ voice. Its Vicky!! They then sort of flash us back to what went down. We see that the Agent whose beer bottle broke, leave a piece of glass in a place where Leila might find it. We also see Vicky watching Leila cut her way out of the ropes from a computer screen. They jump to Vicky loading her gun, but not with bullets, but 9mm Flash Blanks. The whole thing was a setup. After the flashback we see Vicky talking to someone on the phone, presumably Thomas, but not sure, telling him that a call was made to Sean and when he gets the message he would be on his way. The man then tells Vicky to get rid of Leila, but this time for real.

Was a good episode. Poor Leila is just being used as a pawn in this. Will Sean check his messages? Will he get to Leila? Or will Leila escape again. Lots of questions. And we still don’t know whats going on with the passengers! Well I’m tired of typing, so if you watched it let me know what you think might be going on! There are some clear cut things, but I’m sure I am totally off on them all! See ya next week