“The After” Pilot Impressions and Whatnot

********************************POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT******************************

So I was laying in bed with the normal bout of insomniac pleasures, and decided to see what I could buy on Amazon. Hey don’t judge it’s just what I do when I can’t sleep. Regardless, I was looking and I noticed that there was an advert for an Amazon Original TV show called “The After”. So I was like, what they hey, its a free stream. If it sucks I can just say I wasted my time that I could have spent buying shit on well this shit.

So the premise of the show, which was created by Chris Carter, whom brought us, in my opinion, the greatest Sci-Fi series The X-Files, is about eight strangers who suddenly find themselves brought together for some mysterious reason and are thrown into a fight or be killed situation that is beyond explanation. Sounds cool huh?

So after delving into it, I found myself sort of sucked in. So you have a french actress, whom I found annoying for the first half of the show, mainly because of the “peanut butter in the mouth” way she was speaking, but towards the end she kind of gave off an “Im a badass” vibe. The other individuals in this mixed bowl of personalities are; a female cop whom is very trigger happy and pulls her piece on anyone not in the group; A lawyer and his “blow jobs in the stair case” assistant; A foul mouthed brit; a wrongfully accused black man and an old lady, whom we find out is a millionaire as well as a possible diabetic. As I said very mixed bag of goodies.

There are many interesting situations and unanswered questions in the pilot which lead you to almost have to see the next episode. Like, why is there no power? Why are the cell phones not getting any service? Why is there no running water? And what the fuck is that thing at the end of the pilot?!?!?!

I won’t get into much detail, but if you really enjoy a nice sci-fi thriller and wanna give this a shot, by all means go ahead! As I said its a free stream on Amazon, and we the viewer/consumer/public get to choose on i believe 10 new pilots including this one, to be an Amazon Original Series. I will more than likely catch the next episode, if released, just to feed my inner hunger for finding out whats going on. This of course depends on whether or not my ADD allows me to get back to it! It was a pretty enjoyable pilot and left you hanging to the point, as stated above, where you, in a sense, hunger for the explanation of the clues (tattoos) scattered throughout the introduction story. So I will be back to give my impressions on the next episode, whether or not I will continue to watch, or be succumbed to my ailment of not being able to pay attention when things get drawn out too much.