South Park: Whale Whores (10/28/09)

I completely forgot that I used to post the synopsis for South Park on here every week, my bad. This week actually sounds exactly like a previous episode which is strange, usually Matt and Trey are good about not doing something they’ve already done, but this one sounds exactly like the episode where the boys go to the aquarium and find the whale that they think can talk and send it to the moon. I guess we’ll just have to see tonight when this one airs. So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the episodes, Dead Celebrities was good and then Butters as the pimp was really good, but I was a little disappointed with the wrestling episode last week. Not sure why, but maybe I’ll have to re-watch it as a couple friends said they loved it…

Whale Whores

Stan vows to sae the dolphins after the family visit to an aquarium in Denver on his birthday is marred by mass slaughter of aquatic mammals.

Talk about a great episode, wow. From the very beginning of the show to the very end, everything about this episode was great. “Fuck you whale, fuck you dolphin”. I was worried that we were going to get a similar plot line to the episode where the kids saved a whale by strapping it to a rocket and sending it to the moon, but boy was I wrong. The Japanese wreak havoc on all whales and dolphins (including the Miami Dolphins) as the boys try to stop them. Stan, in particular, joins up with Whale Wars, that show on Discovery, and tries to help out only to discover that those guys don’t actually do anything. So when the captain is harpooned through the face, Stan takes over and the show gains popularity because stuff is actually happening now. It gains so much popularity that the guys on The Deadliest Catch are jealous and try to put a stop to them only to have their plans thwarted by whales. In the end it turns out that the Japanese are killing all the whales and dolphins because they believe that the animals were responsible for the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. Why would they think this you ask? Well because the day after the bombs were dropped the United States was nice enough to forward on so pictures they captured of the plane that dropped the bombs and control of the plane was a dolphin and a whale. So instead of telling the Japanese what really happened Stan gets Kyle to doctor up another image showing a Chicken and a Cow were the real masterminds behind the bombing, thus leading to the Japanese killing all Chicken and Cows instead of Whales and Dolphins.