South Park: The Last of The Meehecans (10/12/11)

south park the last of the meheecans

Looks like Cartman gets a taste of authority tonight when he and his friends play Texans vs. Mexicans. And if you missed the “6 Days to Air” special that Comedy Central ran on Sunday I suggest you find when it’s playing next, it was actually really interesting.

The Last of The Meheecans

Cartman fancies himself an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol when the boys play Texans vs. Mexicans.

Not the funniest episode, but it was definitely solid. A game of Texans vs. Mexicans turns into a manhunt when Butters goes missing after the boys finished playing their game. Dressed as a Mexican, Butters wanders the streets looking for the border, since he thinks he’s still playing the game, when he gets hit by a car. The man and woman in the car assume he’s a real Mexican and take him home to be their personal landscaper. Meanwhile Cartman and the boys set out to look for Butters until Cartman decides to volunteer for the actual border patrol. Eventually Butters leaves his “family” and starts a Mexican revolution by making all the Mexicans in the US realize that living in the US these days is worse than living in Mexico so they all start crossing the border back into Mexico. Pretty soon the American people realize that all the Mexicans leaving is a bad thing and try to keep them in the United States.

This episode was actually really smart and well done. There was enough South Park comedy to keep me laughing and enough social commentary to make it extremely relevant. If the rest of the 2nd half of the season was like this I’d be happy. What did you guys think?