South Park: The F Word (11/4/09)

Not a whole lot of information about tonight’s episode of South Park, but here is the synopsis.

Update: Thanks to Les and for a more complete plot outline for tonight’s episode.

The F Word

The boys take action when a motorcycle festival takes over the town.

Everyone agrees they’ve had enough of the loud and obnoxious bikers that have arrived in South Park. The boys are taking on the Harley riders. They thrown down the “F word” and the game is on.

I actually really liked this episode, I thought there was actually a fairly good message and I like how the guys at South Park take current topics and spin them to work within the context of the show. The idea behind last night’s episode was that these bikers come into South Park and start annoying everyone to the point where the kids start calling them Fags. Eventually it gets to the point where the kids spray paint “Get Out Fags” all over buildings and billboards around town trying to get the bikers to leave, but their plan takes a strange turn when Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave happen to see one of the signs and think that they are referring to them as homosexuals, which of course is not what the kids meant at all. The kids immediately admit that it was them that did the spray painting and don’t understand what the big deal is since they don’t want to the gay’s to leave they want the fag bikers to leave. It kind of reminded me of the episode with the South Park flag, none of the kids in town understood why chef was offended by the flag and wanted it changed. The flag depicted a bunch of white people hanging a black person, but the kids saw it as a bunch of people hanging another person, they didn’t see the color, just people. It’s kind of the same idea here, the kids see the annoying, obnoxious, attention whore bikers as fags because they are just that, annoying, obnoxious, attention whores, not because they are homosexual. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the uproar over the Modern Warfare 2 “F.A.G.S.” viral video that came out last night, fags was spelled out my 4 words at the end of the faux PSA, “Fight Against Grenade Spam”. And anyone that has ever played a video game online knows that the word Fag gets thrown around constantly, yet they are not referring to gay people…

Which lead into the second half of the show, South Park legally changes the meaning of the word Fag from homosexual to obnoxious harley motorcycle riders. The only problem with this is that the government still recognizes “fag” as relating to homosexual because that’s what it says in the dictionary, which apparently overrides town law. So the boys set out to get the definition in the dictionary changed so that the whole country recognizes the new definition of fag. I’m pretty sure this is a South Park way of looking at what’s currently going on with Marijuana. Breckenridge Colorado just recently decriminalized/legalized marijuana in it’s town, yet the federal government still sees it as being illegal so overall it’s still illegal and federal agents can still arrest people for it, even in Breckenridge. The same goes for medical marijuana all of the country.

I thought the episode was a good one, I do believe that words that may have had a derogatory comprehension just a few years ago do not necessarily have the same meanings today and while I’m not saying to go around and start calling everyone fags, I do like the way the guys over at South Park made light of the situation. Not everyone that calls another person a fag is doing so because they are trying to call them homosexual in a negative way, they are calling them a fag because they are a fag…