South Park: The China Problem (10/8)

South Park came back last night with an episode geared towards China taking over the U.S. and George Lucas and Steven Spielberg raping Indiana Jones. It was a pretty good episode, I definitely enjoyed the Indiana Jones plot better than the Chinese and P.F. Changs and shooting people in the dick. Both plot lines were funny, but I was in tears when they show Spielberg and Lucas actually raping Indiana Jones. I hope the season gets a little better but it was a good start.

I don’t have any animated gifs for you right now, but the picture of Cartman and Butters dressed up as Chinese while holding P.F. Changs hostage should hold you over until then. And don’t forget you can watch all of the South Park episodes, legally, over at South Park Studios, including the new one from last night.

You can now download this episode on South Park - South Park: Uncensored, Season 12 - The China Probrem