South Park: Sexual Healing (3/17/10)

South Park is finally back and it looks like the first episode is going to touch on Tiger Woods and his sex addiction. I’m pretty excited about this season if only for the 200th episode that will bring back all of the celebrities that weren’t too happy with their portrayal on the show as they file a class action lawsuit against the town, but until then I’m sure we’ll still get some great episodes as always. Don’t forget that Season 13 just came out on DVD yesterday. You’ll find the plot synopsis for tonight’s episode below.

Sexual Healing

In the 14th-season premiere, scientific testing reveals that some of the fourth-grade boys are sex addicts.

I thought this weeks episode was actually a great start for the season. In the more recent seasons I’ve found myself torn on whether a season as a whole was very good so it’s nice to see this season start out with an exceptional episode.  Sure each season has good episodes and not so good ones, but it was nice to see this season start off with a bang.

The episode does focus around Tiger Woods, but not by featuring him as the main plot point. The episode starts off with us seeing Tiger Woods and Elin fighting over Thanksgiving dinner, basically re-enacting that fateful night from last year when Tiger crashed his car and all of this stuff came to light. Only we eventually realize that it’s a video game that the kids are playing, EA Sports Tiger Woods 2011, and the kids are loving it because it’s much more entertaining than actual golf. The episode then revolves around the men of the world basically making up absolutely ridiculous situations in order to make it appear, to women, that sex addiction is a disease and only certain men have it, and it usually stems from men coming into lots of money, which then causes them to want to sleep with lots of different women. In the end the men blame the sex addiction virus on an alien wizard that they hunt down and kill to try to convince the women that the disease is now gone and to not worry about it, but if another celebrity happens to get caught sleeping with a bunch of wizard they now know who to blame… another alien wizard.

This is a pretty terrible rundown of the episode, but I’m finding it a little hard to put into words, but trust me it was a good one. Kenny dying of erotic asphyxiation was pretty amusing as well. So what did you guys think of the start of the season?