South Park – Sarcastaball (9/26/12)

south park sarcastaball

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The new season of South Park starts tonight on Comedy Central and what better way to ring in the new season than by having a football themed episode. As usual we’ll be posting weekly synopsis of the new South Park episodes the morning they air, followed by a recap of the episode the next day. If good enough, maybe we’ll even throw in some animated gifs for old time sake. So check back tomorrow and let us know what you thought of the season premiere.


Randy’s campaign to prevent head injuries in football radically changes the way the game is played, but the new rules become a national sensation and even make a South Park student a star athlete.

This is the South Park I love, topical, funny and smart all at the same time. I was wondering if Trey and Matt would dive right into the NFL controversy, but I wasn’t sure if they would get their jabs in during the very first episode. Randy becomes very upset when he discovers that the kickoffs have been removed from the kids football league due to the fact that they are too dangerous. In response to this, Randy speaks out at a PTA meeting and sarcastically suggests that if they are going to remove kickoffs they might as well make all the kids wear tinfoil hats and bras, while chasing a balloon around and paying each other compliments. Not realizing he’s being sarcastic, the idea gets green-lit and pretty soon the league has changed from Football to Sarcastaball. This leads to Butters being the best on the team, as he’s terrible at football, but is so nice that he shines while playing Sarcastaball. He loves the sport so much that he dreams about it at night, which essentially turns into a wet dream for him as he wakes up to discover that some of the “goo” inside of him that keeps him all nice and happy all the time has leaked out. Don’t worry though, Butters refuses to let go of his “goo” and keeps it all in little jars in his closet, which eventually becomes the new fad in sports drinks “Butters’ Creamy Goo”. When Randy sarcastically talks his way into the NFL as the coach of the Denver Broncos, “Butters’ Creamy Goo” goes mainstream and all the athletes are drinking it. I’m sorry, I know it’s a bit juvenile, but the commercial for “Butters’ Creamy Goo” had me in tears… Tom Brady sure guzzles it down like a pro, although he did gag a bit.

In the end Butters ends up getting punished for sarcastically suggesting that all NFL players wear bras and drink cum, with no mention of the fact that Randy was really the one that started it all. I thought it was a great way to “kick-off” the 2nd half of the South Park season and I’m looking forward to see what else Matt and Trey have up their sleeves this time.