South Park: Poor and Stupid (10/6/10)

south park poor and stupid

South Park is back after it’s mid-season summer break with all new episodes. Tonight we get to see Cartman live out his dream of becoming a professional Nascar driver.

Poor and Stupid

It’s been Eric Cartman’s dream to join NASCAR all his life. He is willing to do whatever’s necessary to achieve his goal. Cartman hires Butters as his pit boss to gear up for the race of his life.

Decent start to the fall portion of the latest season. It opens with Cartman crying in the hallway at school because he knows he can never become what he’s always wanted to become in life, a Nascar racer. Kyle and Stan try to comfort him telling him that he can be whatever he wants to be in life and if he works hard at it he can definitely be a Nascar racer, but what they don’t understand is that Cartman doesn’t think he can be a Nascar driver because he’s not poor and stupid enough and only poor and stupid people like/are good at Nascar.

With Stan and Kyle telling him that he can do it, even though they had no idea what he meant by “not being able to do it”, Cartman sets out to become poor and stupid so he can race Nascar. He starts by giving all his money, ~$55, to Butters, who turns around and buys canned goods and blankets for Nascar fans because they are poor. Cartman then needs to become stupid. He decides that hanging upside down on the couch in order to get all the blood to rush to his head is the only way to kill brain cells, until he sees a Vagisil commercial. The Vagisil commercial states that it may cause temporary memory loss which in Cartman’s eyes means it’ll make you dumb and kill brain cells. With this knowledge, Cartman and Butters head to the store to get some Vagisil, but because Cartman gave all his money away they can’t afford it so Cartman just starts squirting all of the Vagisil into his mouth in the middle of the store.

After feeling stupid, they go to the local Nascar race and Butters tells one of the drivers that his wife just called and she got raped, hard and a lot. Once he leaves the car to call his wife, Cartman jumps in and straps in. Once the race starts he runs straight into the wall and then gets turned around and starts driving into traffic. Eventually he wrecks the car and ends up in the hospital.

Once recovered, the head of Vagisil comes to Cartman’s house with a brand new Nascar car modified for a child. He says that Cartman has brought so much publicity to Vagisil that it was the least they could do. So Cartman takes the car to Nascar and ends up wrecking every single car on the track until the head of Vagisil’s wife gets fed up with him always telling her that her vagina stinks and to use Vagisil, that she runs on the track, jumps in a car and wins the race.

I thought it was a decent episode, not the greatest South Park, but decent. Hopefully the rest of the season is just as good if not better.