South Park – Pee (11/18/09) 13th Season Finale

We’ve come to that point again, the 13th season of South Park comes to a close tonight with the episode entitled “Pee”. And as with last week TV Guide doesn’t have much of a synopsis on their site so thanks again to Starpulse for providing a better glimpse into what tonight’s episode is all about.


In the 13th season finale things at the water park are not what they seem. The boys’ fun-filled day is about to turn deadly. Events are in play at Splash Town that signal the end of the world is upon us. Cartman tries to warn everyone, but no one will listen. Disaster is about to strike and the boys are in a race to survive.

Looks like we’re in for a little 2012 / disaster movie parody tonight. Check back tomorrow for a recap of this episode and let us know your thoughts on this episode as well as the rest of season 13 in the comments!


I thought this episode was pretty solid for the most part. As expected we got a parody of the end of the world, 2012, nonsense that has been flooding the airwaves lately due to the big budget blockbuster 2012. The episode starts off with the kids going to Pi Pi’s waterpark for a nice day of relaxing in the wave pool and flying down waterslides. When they get there they are greeted with a wave pool packed full of minorities which of course is too much for Cartman. It’s at this point that we have the pleasure of listening to Cartman sing about how much he despises minorities. I thought the song was one of the funniest parts of the episode.

Meanwhile the rest of the kids, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Butters are in another pool discussing who can hold their breath the longest when Butters announces he has to pee. Kyle tells him to go, meaning get out of the pool and go to the bathroom, but Butters of course just pisses in the pool which disgusts Kyle. It’s then that he finds out that tons of people piss in the pool and it’s not a big deal, but he can’t wrap his head around that idea and gets out of the water. It’s at this point when the scientists barge into Mr. Pi Pi’s office and explain to him that the Pee levels in the water have become dangerously high and they need to evacuate the park before someone else Pees in the pool, but Mr. Pi Pi isn’t having any of it and leaves the park open.

Back at the picnic area the kids all meet back up and Kyle is pretty disgusted by the whole Pee thing even though the other guys try to convince him that it’s normal. Cartman then shows up trying to explain some mathematical number crunching he has done that predicts what the Mayans had predicted, that the end of the world is coming, minorities are taking over. Stan tries to explain to Cartman that if there are more minorities than “normal” people (as Cartman calls them) then the normal people would then be the minority, but of course Cartman isn’t having any of it. So the kids get up to go back into the pool, but Kyle won’t go because of all the Pee so Cartman thinks he’s sticking around to help him out, which he’s not.

Flash forward to the other kids playing around in the pool when a little girl swims by. There is a close up of underwater and we see the little girl is peeing in the pool. This sets off a change reaction which causes pee to come from everywhere destroying and flooding the whole water park, leaving most of the kids stranded on the Mt. Everest attraction and Cartman in a raft with a bunch of minorities. Cartman thinks the world has ended and he is the only normal person left in a world full of minorities and he’s not happy. Meanwhile the other kids run into Pi Pi on Mt. Everest who explains that the only way to drain the pee is to swim down to a maintenance building in the base of the attraction and open a release valve. Of course since earlier in the episode, before he found out there was pee in the water, Kyle claimed that he could hold is breath the longest so he was naturally voted to dive into the pee and open the release valve. Before he can swim down that far though he needs to drink 3 glasses of piss to somehow equalize his body to the pee, think of The Abyss.

Meanwhile outside of the water park the police and FBI and Randy Marsh are trying to figure out how to rescue the people inside, but they can’t go in there because of all the piss and what it does to people. Apparently the piss can cause unimaginable rage when you come in contact with it and they can’t risk saving them until they have an antidote. They demonstrate this “rage” by pissing on monkeys faces and watching them go crazy, but it’s obvious that the monkey is just pissed cause someone in pissing on them, not because the piss as some crazy rage inducing property to it. The agents then discover that when distracted with a banana the monkeys do not become agitated when pissed on, so naturally they assume that bananas are the antidotes. But to be sure it’s going to work Randy volunteers to be pissed on and given a banana.

So knowing that the banana is going to work the agents fly in and save the boys, but not until after Kyle has already started drinking piss. And once outside the waterpark Kyle explains that he’s very afraid of piss and the only think he hates more than piss is bananas, which is of course when the agent walks up and hands each of them a banana to counter the effects of the piss.

So overall I thought it was a pretty good episode and a decent way to the end season 13. So that’s it for the South Park updates for the year. I’ll be back when the season starts up again in the spring to do it all again.