South Park: Pandemic (10/22/08)

South Park – Pandemic

Cartman enlists the help of rival Craig when the boys spot an easy opportunity for financial gain from a global crisis.

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This post seems to be getting a good amount of attention so I figured I’d just write my thoughts on last nights episode here instead of in a new post.

Personally I don’t think this part of the latest season is living up to the South Park name. Don’t get me wrong I still love the show, but these latest episodes just don’t seem to have the same creative-ness to them that previous ones have. I did enjoy the rip on Cloverfield and the fact that the Peruvian Flute Bands were there to protect South Park from the Furry ones (which turned out to be giant guinea pigs), but there just wasn’t anything to the episode. I kept finding myself asking “where is this going?” and it didn’t really end up going anywhere and then just sort of ended. Maybe it’s just me, but I hope Matt and Trey pick it up a bit for the remainder of the season. South Park is one of the only shows I make sure I watch the day it airs (along with It’s Always Sunny), so I’d hate for my Wednesdays to be tarnished by sub-par episodes.

What did you guys think?